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A Baker’s Dozen ™ Economic Lies

Some common lies spouted by governments, public education institutions, and financial institutions, among others: 1. The US Constitution’s “general welfare” clause means Congress may pass whatever legislation it thinks will help the country. Actually, the Preamble (in which this phrase … Continue reading

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Looking back – Fall of the British Empire

In the rapid decline and collapse of the British Empire, the United Kingdom, and England itself in the 20th Century, one figure dominates the events of the era. That man is Winston Churchill. His life covers both the height of … Continue reading

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Libertarian Lessons Learned: the Knights Templar

NOTE: This may be the first of a new, occasional series of commentaries looking at events and organizations of the past with the idea of learning lessons from what they did, good or bad. So that we lovers of liberty … Continue reading

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