The great mask scam

We still haven’t learned. Or at least our politicians, “public health” experts, bureaucrats and the nannies of the world haven’t.

Masks are a fraud. A scam which has resulted in millions of dollars – if not billions! – of wasted money. Which has created an environmental mess that more and more resembles the bad old days of massive highway and town littering and has added significantly to the plastic pollution of the world’s bodies of water. While almost surely resulting in other medical problems, some with mortality rates comparable (by percentage) to the feared beer flu itself. To say nothing of psychological negative impacts. (Yes, I know that is NOT what 99% of the medical sites out there claim.)

And a fraud that was known nearly a year and a half ago, at least in North Dakota! And by most people able to read graphs and calendars.

Boris Johnson announced a few days back that it was all over for the UK. No, not that the UK had collapsed because of the millions dead due to COVID, or the billions of pounds lost and wasted by the Lockdown and everything else done in panic since January of 2022. Because the masks and working from home and isolation are not working.(See one of the charts in the ND report.) (Even though the NY Times seems to claim Bo is doing this to distract from all his scandals.) So as of Thursday, kids in British government-run schools don’t have to wear masks. It applies to everyone else on the 26th.

Ireland has just joined the United Kingdom. It is scrapping most of the key features of the Pandemic Panic and Lockdown – but officially as of today, 22 January 2022. Four days ahead of the UK. I suspect that millions of Brits and Paddies have already abandoned most of that stuff – including the masks.

As the website Unmasked states: “We’ve been conducting an experiment for the past seventeen months or so. Despite years of research showing that masks were completely ineffective at preventing the spread of infectious respiratory illnesses, experts flip flopped in early 2020 and based on nothing, forced most of civilization to conduct this population wide experiment.” The years go all the way back to 1918 and the “Spanish flu” pandemic.

Masks, of course, are just a small part of the grand and glorious false information, scam, and swindle perpetrated by the medical establishment and government for two years. Billions of dollars, billions of man-hours, billions of hours of opportunity for education, work, and liberty gone.

And the creation of a superstate – much hidden from view – ready to take advantage of the NEXT medical or public safety “emergency” or crisis – or anything that can be exaggerated to fit that claim.

And then, we can talk about vaccines, right?

“The vaccines were all 100 per cent effective in the vaccine trials in stopping hospitalisations and death. Waiting for a more effective vaccine is actually the worst thing you can do to lower your risk of getting severely ill and dying of Covid-19,” Anthony Fauci quoted in the Daily Independent, 28 February 2021.

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2 Responses to The great mask scam

  1. Darkwing says:

    It was all about control and fear and they won.


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