Thank you, Uncle Joe!

Saw this on one of my professional literature websites the other day.

An ABC chart tracking prices

Assuming that the BLS is not lying (and if they were, it would be almost certainly in the direction of showing LOWER inflation numbers, not higher), this shows the speeding up of the destruction of prosperity here in the States. It is a direct result of the actions of the Federal Government, under the nominal (very nominal!) leadership of Uncle Joe Biden.

These are NOT (generally) consumer products – but they are essential to things all consumers need and use. As these prices climb, the cost of maintenance and repair, as well as new construction and renovation, explode. And results directly in increases in consumer prices for everything, from food to vehicles to fuel and electricity and water.

Supposedly this is due to the great, mysterious Biden Expanding Economy (trademark pending!). Certainly, more dollars are chasing fewer goods. BUT!

Frankly, the only expanding economy I am seeing is caused by refugees fleeing the woke, growing-totalitarian States for the “Free States.” (Which are, I must admit as a citizen of such a free State, are free only by comparison. Supposedly, here are the “most free” of the Fifty States: New Hampshire, Florida, Nevada, Tennessee, and South Dakota. But each of them has serious examples of how they restrict essential personal, economic, and political liberties.

From CATO Institute

But the most serious problem all of these States have is a common one. The tyranny and other problems of the Federal Government sucks everyone down, with the goal of every State becoming the lowest common standard of everything. Bad as it was under Clinton, Bush II, Obama, and even Trump, the past year has shown that there is still a long ways to slide downhill. A large part of this is reducing the independence of individuals and families. One way of doing this is to devalue the so-called money (the debt-based currency) of everyone. The inflation may not be actually planned but its effect is to benefit those who steal our liberty to increase their power and prestige and wealth. The parasites.

Not all of this is Uncle Joe’s fault of course – it is systemic, a result of the failed systems of growing government power and the steady erosion of personal liberty by democracy and crony capitalism. And the destruction of the monetary system and economy caused by that government power and erosion. And the actions of the Trump regime (and Obummer before him) created the conditions that are making inflation both certain and painful.

And on the consumer level, it is something we can see every day on virtually every store shelf. On every sales lot. In every catalog.

It is the reason that lovers of liberty must continue to fight in every way, on every issue. And prepare for worse to follow. Too many of the tyrants, the parasites, the controllers and the nannies think this is the end-game: that they are winning and will enter their millennium of their dreams.

Again, thank you, Uncle Joe.

BUT… remember, this too shall pass. Liberty will be restored, and its enemies WILL be called to answer, to justice.

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