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Colorado seceeding?

A (mostly) serious question, as the dictator (Polis} profanely told the FedGov (read, Trump) to keep federal troops (his word – troops) out of Colorado. 23 July 2020 – is that going to be Colorado’s new independence day celebration? That’s … Continue reading

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The art of the deal – January 2018

By Nathan Barton The cries are loud.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recinded the Obummer-issued memo telling the nation’s federal prosecutors to leave off on pursuing cannabis pushers and users in the growing number of states that have legalized medical … Continue reading

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Defining national government

By Nathan Barton, The following quote was part of the daily e-mail newsletter from Liberty Quotes, and caught my attention. “A national government is a government of the people of a single state or nation, united as a community by … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-49E: Bad cops, bad laws

by Nathan Barton Yesterday, I was looking at racism and welfare (entitlements) and the Home Front.  More today, it seems… Speaking of welfare queens, how about American cops? Regardless of skin color. “The White House is pushing a multi-million-dollar program … Continue reading

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