Colorado seceeding?

A (mostly) serious question, as the dictator (Polis} profanely told the FedGov (read, Trump) to keep federal troops (his word – troops) out of Colorado. 23 July 2020 – is that going to be Colorado’s new independence day celebration?

That’s fine with me. It will be great to have all those empty houses and buildings and everything else when the troops leave. (I presume, after Biden wins and uses other federal troops to drive Trump out of the White House,) Although I suspect that they will be looted, burned, gutted, or squatted in by Polis’ supporters quickly enough. As Denver becomes another Detroit, C-Springs another Deerborn, and so forth.

What do you mean, Nathan, “all those empty houses and buildings”?

Well, Colorado is a garrison state. Here are the major installations:

  1. Fort Carson (about 25,000 troops, I think)
  2. Buckley Air Force Base (about 5,000)
  3. Petersen Air Force Base (another 5,000) (To be renamed Petersen Space Force Base, by the way)
  4. US Air Force Academy (near Colorado Springs, probably 10,000 if you count the cadets)
  5. Falcon Air Force Station (1,000 or so)
  6. Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station (the big hole in the mountain, maybe 200 or so)

That doesn’t count the Reserve troops and airmen (and sailors and Marines). Other than the ground combat troops from Carson (sent to DC to boot Trump out), where are they going to go? And also, where will all the other people that can’t stomach Polis as dictator (or king)?

And of course, those empty military buildings and houses will be joined by thousands of others as many other Coloradans leave for places where liberty and freedom still have their original meaning – at least as compared to Colorado.

Again, where will they go?

Wyoming is one place, certainly, that would welcome as many of the nearly 50,000 troops and air (and space) men – and families: possibly 100,000 all together.

For example, there could be some at FE Warren AFB (barely 12 miles from Colorado, but hey!). Others at Camp Guernsey about 100 miles north. But all? Even with building billions of dollars – tens of billions worth of new bases? Wyoming has less than a half-million people. This isn’t like taking a few gun accessories and ammo companies in. (Refugees from Colorado’s draconian, immoral, and unconstitutional gun laws in recent years.)

Nebraska and Kansas have bases and can take some – although virtually all their bases are in the eastern half of those two states. (But there are places, like Fort Robinson in northwestern Nebraska, on the edge of the Black Hills, that could replace Fort Carson and Carson’s huge Pinon Training Area.)

But like Wyoming, these two states would be willing – and though inconvenienced and a big drain on their economies, also willing to have border fences and checkpoints on their borders with Colorado. (Many people wish they did now – as Coloradans once wished they did (back in the 1970s, to prevent Californians and Easterners from coming in without posting departure bonds).

New Mexico is flat out – the dictator of that State is as bad (worse in some ways) as Polis. She doesn’t want oil and gas, and she doesn’t want military, and apparently she doesn’t want spaceports and Anglos in the State.

So the obvious choices are Kansas, Nebraska, Utah (though its bases are a long ways away) and South Dakota. Specifically the Black Hills with an Air Force Base, several good airfields, a modern National Guard “camp” (base – virtually ALL National Guard installations are called camps unless they were originally active duty military posts) and others. I think the four states would find room, and enjoy watching Colorado’s economy crash and burn.

So, bring it on, Mr. Dictator Polis. Ban federal troops and kneel down on the steps of the Capitol in Denver to the Black Lives Matter and Antifa Street Mob. The same ones that did a million dollars worth of vandalism damage to that same Capitol about a month ago. Kneel and bow your head and bare your neck to them. You deserve it.

PS: Those four states would also recognize and welcome with open arms the retired military and veterans from Colorado, also. And anyone who loves freedom and liberty. But Colorado and Polis can keep your woke voters and university types (faculty, staff, AND students), and your denizens of the barrios and ghettos who believe they are owed reparations or want to send all their money back to their “real” homeland. Or who believe in the same sick nonsense that elected Polis and a majority of the General Assembly into power.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to Colorado seceeding?

  1. Tim McCann says:

    It’s been done before. California had dozens of bases shut down during the BRAC.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      And Richard Nixon punished California back in the 1970s by closing dozens of bases earlier for their support of his political enemies, as I recall. Presumably, Buckley would revert to the State of Colorado again, as home of their Air National Guard, 140th Tactical Fighter Wing – and therefore a reasonable place to base Polis’ new Imperial Life Guards Aerial Corps. And whatever detachments of the AntiFa Guards Regiment assigned to Metro Denver to replace the various Police forces.


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