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The price of silence

We here at The Price of Liberty, and indeed most people in North America (even Mexico) do not have a gut understanding of what the price of liberty actually can be – actually has been. But even more, we do … Continue reading

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Posting #2000 – The Price of Liberty – Paying the price

If I am counting right, this is the 2,000th commentary published by Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) and Nathan and other writers on TPOL since we moved to WordPress. And more than 3,500 total on all platforms. Everyone associated with TPOL … Continue reading

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Commentary #2000 for The Price of Liberty -thoughts on the prices paid

Today’s commentary is the 2000th published on WordPress, replacing Mama Liberty’s original webzine and going out to the world. Let’s talk a bit about the prices that are paid for liberty: for gaining it, keeping it, and getting it back … Continue reading

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Beyond eternal vigilance

What is the price of liberty? To put it another way, what are we willing to pay for liberty? Eternal vigilance, yes – especially once you have liberty.  Once you have won that liberty, at whatever cost. But what are … Continue reading

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Eternal vigilance

The Price of Liberty is… Eternal Vigilance The name of Mama Liberty’s webzine is of course taken from this well-known (and often misattributed) quote, but she always looked at it as having many levels of meaning.   The earliest known … Continue reading

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Liberty quotes – Winston Churchill

By Nathan Barton Winston Churchill was an imperialist, a warmonger, and (among many other things) an unrecovered but fully functioning alcoholic.  But no one denies that he had a way with words, or that he understood liberty and freedom.

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