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Democracy = Liberty’s end

By Nathan Barton I never grow accepting of people who refer to “our democracy” when talking about one of the Fifty States, let along the FedGov (the federal government of these formerly United States). It constantly grates on my ears … Continue reading

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Liberty Quotes – Insanity in 2019

By Nathan Barton What can I say?  Tom Paine warned us.  And today, we see our much-vaunted FedGov (to say nothing of tribal and state and local governments) in the control of insane idiots.  People who cannot reason, cannot use … Continue reading

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Liberty and Money, Money and Liberty (A Rant)

by Nathan Barton Liberty Tree Quotes recently had some quotes relating to liberty and money. These in turn should make us think about what we say and do. First, we have this quote from Ayn Rand: “Until and unless you … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, #15-21A: Weather and other odd things

By Nathan Barton Just whom do we believe?  Nearly every day I read some mainstream media news story, or something from a variety of special interest groups (especially but not only environist and liberal-political and government sites), to say nothing … Continue reading

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