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Tom Paine and other enemies of the state

Recently, I learned that a quote from Tom Paine was the excuse for Facebook and Instagram to block someone, as reported in American Military News. What is quite strange, as the screenshot below shows, is WHAT Paine quote triggered this: … Continue reading

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Liberty Quotes – Insanity in 2019

By Nathan Barton What can I say?  Tom Paine warned us.  And today, we see our much-vaunted FedGov (to say nothing of tribal and state and local governments) in the control of insane idiots.  People who cannot reason, cannot use … Continue reading

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Religion and government – secular views

By Nathan Barton Thomas Paine today is claimed as an atheist, supposedly because he lived before Darwin “proved” that you didn’t need to have a Creator.  Before that, we are told, Paine and others were “deists” – those who believed … Continue reading

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