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A look back at the Declaration of Independence

By Nathan Barton Today, in 2019, we hear the Founding Fathers and even the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution are racist, hypocritical, and therefore to be treated with contempt and anger.  And the principles contained therein are to be … Continue reading

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Democracy = Liberty’s end

By Nathan Barton I never grow accepting of people who refer to “our democracy” when talking about one of the Fifty States, let along the FedGov (the federal government of these formerly United States). It constantly grates on my ears … Continue reading

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Courage – part 1

By Nathan Barton As we here in the Fifty States celebrate the 242nd anniversary (official, at least) of the independence of the United States of America from the Kingdom of Great Britain, let us meditate on the courage of the … Continue reading

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Count your blessings

By Nathan Barton It is appropriate that this happened on Thanksgiving Day here in the Fifty States.  As reported by the Daily Telegraph, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sweden has called on its clergy to stop calling “God” (we presume, … Continue reading

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