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A look back at the Declaration of Independence

By Nathan Barton Today, in 2019, we hear the Founding Fathers and even the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution are racist, hypocritical, and therefore to be treated with contempt and anger.  And the principles contained therein are to be … Continue reading

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The false dawn of the French Revolution

By Nathan Barton On 14 July, the French (and some of their former colonies) celebrated Bastille Day. The French call it the “National Celebration” and it is usually considered their version of Independence Day, here in the Fifty States. That … Continue reading

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Guest Column – Why it’s called Independence Day

By Bob Livingston Note: I am republishing this from Mr. Livingston because I think it deserves as much distribution as possible.  Please, please share this with others. On June 7, 1776, the Continental Congress met at Philadelphia and received Richard … Continue reading

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Declaration and Constitution

By Nathan Barton The Bill of Rights, added to the Constitution of 1787, and the various State Constitutions’ Bills of Rights, have a fairly concise list of “rights” which are recognized (NOT “given”) to individuals, with a tad bit of … Continue reading

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A “Reason”able accomodation?

By Nathan Barton Reason Magazine recently told the story of the tiny Liberty County (Texas) Vindicator’s fight with Facebook. In short, the Vindicator was not able to publish part of its serialization of the Declaration of Independence because a Facebook … Continue reading

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Courage – part 1

By Nathan Barton As we here in the Fifty States celebrate the 242nd anniversary (official, at least) of the independence of the United States of America from the Kingdom of Great Britain, let us meditate on the courage of the … Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day

By Nathan Barton Today is the 2nd of July.  242 years ago, in Philadelphia, the Continental Congress voted to approve the Declaration of Independence. Even the FedGov recognizes that today is the REAL Independence Day, as can be seen in … Continue reading

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America’s growing lawlessness

By Nathan Barton I am seeing it more and more: people just plain ignoring the laws, at all levels.  More and more people are lawless.  Lawbreakers. As a correspondent pointed out, it seems that the more laws that are passed, … Continue reading

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