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Guest Column – Why it’s called Independence Day

By Bob Livingston Note: I am republishing this from Mr. Livingston because I think it deserves as much distribution as possible.  Please, please share this with others. On June 7, 1776, the Continental Congress met at Philadelphia and received Richard … Continue reading

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The state’s cannabis racket continues

By Nathan Barton As I mentioned, there are a lot of people who still cannot accept the legalization of marijuana. They can’t stand the idea of someone walking down the street and walking into a shop that sells medical OR … Continue reading

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Irrational actions and reactions

Libertarian Commentary #16-07B by Nathan A Barton Irrational actions: Grocery store chains (Krogers, Safeway/Albertsons, etc.) have long been some of the most ardent of supporters of the USDA’s welfare program for families (“food stamps,” now called SNAP. Will this change? … Continue reading

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The Rio Grande Frontier (Libertarian commentary on the News, #14-33D)

By Nathan Barton While there is a lot going on in Missouri, California, and of course Ukraine, Syria, Mesopotamia, Nigeria, Liberia, and Canaan (Gaza), we should not forget that bad things are continuing to happen other places, and some good … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-15B: Baby killers and other criminals

I again return to the new Bergen-Belsen, that hypocritical and evil place called Philadelphia, once again proving its wickedness by not demanding justice be done. Nazgul – Culture wars: killing babies (2 stories) Gosnell’s Attorney: ‘Ludicrous’ ‘To Say a Baby … Continue reading

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