Trump, Biden, and the border(s)

Despite what he (and supporters) claimed to be his best efforts, The Donald failed in a LOT of ways to accomplish everything he supposedly set out to do. This is especially true regarding the U.S.-Mexican border. (And U.S.-Canadian line, but that is a different story.)

Trump did build about 250 miles of supposedly secure wall. But much – most! – just replaced existing weak fences and such. Think of it as rehabilitating a garage where three of the four walls have collapsed, and most of your repair is done to the one fairly intact wall.

In fact, in much of the border in Arizona and California, completely open in 2016, STILL has no border wall in 2021.

The question I ask is why.  Is it because Trump and the people he put in charge were incompetent and stupid?  Is it because the “deep state” thwarted the effort constantly?  Or is it because that is what Trump intended: a show which concealed the reality of not wanting to control the border?

Trump did build up the Customs and Border Patrol manpower – thus increasing spending (and borrowing) and the number of federal employees: ARMED fedgov employees.  And his regime enforced a policy of returning illegal immigrants to Mexico rather than letting them remain in the U.S. awaiting “asylum” hearings. At least some of the time.

Some claim that Trump’s greatest success was getting leaders in Central America to act to keep the migrant caravans from coming here in the first place. He seems even to have convinced the President of Mexico (AMLO: Andrés Manuel López Obrador) to prevent some immigration of illegals from his side of the border. (Just a couple of days ago, AMLO proposed a new migration agreement that would effectively slow but increase the invasion of the Fifty States by people from Latin America.)

(And of course, on Trump’s watch, the U.S.-Canadian border was closed more effectively than at any time since the War Between The States, with COVID-19 as the excuse.)

So, what grade do most Americans give Trump on halting illegal immigration and controlling the border? (Most libertarians would of course give him an F, for various reasons.) Not even the most loyal would give him an A. Astute observers might give him a low C. Still, that’s a vast improvement over how they would rate his predecessors, all the way back to Carter and Reagan.

They will claim that at least Trump did get the Mexican border under some control, even if the results were less than perfect. Again, we must ask, was he a failure or providing cover?  Or did he go further than many wanted?

Whatever the case, now things have totally changed.  Proponents of border control claim that all Trump’s work has been thrown away by Biden.

Construction on the wall has stopped (although government goons are still busy stealing land on which to build it.) And now, for three months, hundreds of thousands of border jumpers are swarming across the border.

Biden is not returning them to Mexico or their countries of origin. Actually, he’s spreading them around the Fifty States.  No criminal background checks, no COVID testing, and little or no tracking. Some people claim that both disease and crime are already climbing in the U.S. as a result. (Although I don’t think anyone is blaming this invasion for the spurt in mass shootings in recent months.)

If this is a disaster (as many claim), it is a self-inflicted disaster.

Biden didn’t have to get tougher than Trump. All he had to do was do nothing and leave the Trump policies in place. That would have kept the situation on the border under control without Biden getting blamed for imposing the policies in the first place.

But Biden caved to the left, living up to his campaign rhetoric and that of his mentor/gris eminence (Barry Soetoro). So he sent a signal to Central Americans that the border was wide open. There is absolutely no surprise that they started coming by the hundreds of thousands.

So what was the Biden response? Something that even most libertarians (I think) found just plain wrong.  He has flooded the border with taxpayer/borrowed money: offer the border jumpers shelter, hotel rooms, transportation, cash, free healthcare and free education. Was this “compassionate” and humanitarian? Yes, if you ignore the source of the largesse.  And the fact that it encourages even more Central Americans to cross the border. Wow!  Not only get to the land of the Big PX, of milk and honey, but the FedGov pays you when you arrive!

And, of course, big business suddenly gets a big infusion of people eager to take low-paying, poor-conditions jobs.  Doing all the work that “Americans won’t do” as demonstrated by the panic over filling jobs across the nation,

Now, one article claims Biden’s response to this new wave is to pay people to stay in Central America.

As one person notes, “there’s the new U.S. border policy in a nutshell. The border is open. We will pay you to cross the border and we will pay you to stay home. Either way you get paid. And the U.S. taxpayer will pick up the tab. Simple.”

Right – and insane. For those who gave Trump even a D-minus, Biden gets a clear F. Unless he (and his puppet masters) are playing a game similar to (but with a different flavor) than I think Trump might have been playing. And until you realize this just further destabilizes the Fifty States and its economy, and the world situation, even more. While giving more and more power to governments, and especially to DC.

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