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Distractions and their effect

Last week, we saw a common political phenomenon. The use of distractions to keep the electorate and the mob quiet. In some cases, just SPECIFIC parts of the two groups. How’s that? In the past six months, fuel prices have … Continue reading

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One-Minute Hate in America

By Nathan Barton Anyone else seeing what seems to me to be a trend? In the novel 1984, Big Brother (government) had a daily ritual in which everyone was expected (nay, required) to demonstrate two minutes of intense hatred against … Continue reading

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Government services?

By Nathan Barton A quick follow-up note on my column a while back on stupidity in and out of government. “Tyler Durdan” over at ZeroHedge has “nine weird things” about the NYC-NJ bombing guy and situation that are very much … Continue reading

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