Countdown to failure and more war

“In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war … So it is written in Warhammer AD40,000.

Jesus of Nazareth told His disciples: “And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for this must take place, but the end is not yet.”

A few days ago, Reuters had this story, about foreign weapons destroyed by Russia in an attack on Odessa, the last Ukrainian port open on the Black Sea. The foreign weapons were, of course, being provided to Ukraine by the US, UK, and other, European powers.

As Jim Rickards of Paradigm Press points out: “By itself, that may not seem like a big deal. Wars are violent, missile attacks are common and weapons are destroyed on both sides all the time. That’s the nature of war.

“But, this report is highly significant because it points to a larger problem for the Ukrainian military, and by extension, the U.S. and NATO. Russian troops outnumber the armed forces of Ukraine and have them surrounded in several key locations. Ukraine is depending on advanced weapons from the U.S. and NATO to level the playing field …

“But, what if the weapons never make it to the battlefield? What if the weapons are logjammed in Poland and Romania and can’t be delivered to Ukraine? What if the weapons make it to Ukraine but can’t make it to the locations where the troops are actually fighting? What if Ukrainian casualties and surrenders are so high that there are not enough troops left actually to use the weapons as intended?

“These are all open questions but serious ones. Publicity and high-tech weapons alone are no substitute for actual deployment and use on the battlefield. By destroying weapons deliveries, the Russians have shown they have good intelligence and no intention of letting advanced weapons reach the Ukrainian troops on the front lines. The outcome is uncertain…”

Indeed. Just a couple of days ago, the American Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters that Russia was “failing in Ukraine” and that “Ukraine is succeeding.” Given the track record of the State Department in predicting victory for allies and American forces for about 70 years or so, people should be quaking in their boots. And no doubt, the oligarchs of Ukraine, including Zelenskyy himself, are busy making sure their hideouts in the Caribbean are ready for long-term occupancy. (Switzerland may still be a choice for them, admittedly, unlike for Russian oligarchs.)

At the same time, Berlin has voted 586-107 and announced it is sending “heavy weapons” to the Ukrainians in their “brave” and “glorious” fight against the evil Putin and his Red menace (although they didn’t use the word “Red”). This, like earlier very stupid ideas of supplying fighter aircraft to Ukraine (with or without pilots and ground crew), creates a serious risk of pushing the Russians into action that might horrify the world, but… Many people point out that the entire war is a last-ditch stratagem by Moscow to stave off collapse. The world has to bet – is Putin going to fold or put the deed to the ranch on the table?

But Rickards’ question needs to be addressed: will any of this stuff: self-propelled artillery, infantry fighting vehicles, panzers (tanks), and more, GET to Ukraine? And to the war front? And who will operate and maintain them?

To make matters worse, a friend shared a recent ZDF (Second German Television network out of Mainz) interview with a prominent Christian Democratic Union (CDU) politician. The politician advocates sending German troops to Ukraine to fight Russians. That is, Bundeswehr soldiers to fight for Ukraine! Remember that 80 years ago, many Ukrainians WERE fighting on the German side against the Russian Soviets. And lost ultimately everything. My friend thinks this shows how desperately Bonn (and Bavaria, from whence comes the CDU guy) fears Russia. But we should also not forget how Russia fears Germany. As we approach the 77th anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day, the last thing this poor old world needs is a resumption of German-Russian hostilities in ANY form or location. Particularly not in Ukraine, and particularly NOT dragging NATO into the potentially-catastrophic conflict.

We know that the truth is NOT coming out of Ukraine by ANY side. Right now, depending on which source(s) you are paying attention to it appears that BOTH sides are failing. And the only “solutions” coming from capitols on all sides seems to be MORE war. Ramping up, or as the supposed military experts and boffins call it, escalation.

More liberty is not likely to result from such insanity.

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