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More on starvation and famine: facets of collapse

Readers may have noted a bit of discussion online recently on TPOL concerning food supplies and the tactics of fearmongering we see and hear today. There is obviously a lot more to the situation that we can discussed in a … Continue reading

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Starvation and famine in our future?

To listen to and read many pundits, you might think so. Although I disagree, there are serious problems with the food supply around that world. Deutche Welle had an article a few months back, about the rise in food prices, … Continue reading

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Do we really need another example?

By Nathan Barton Venezuela is a beautiful land and full of good people, rich in natural resources, and once one of the success stories of Latin America. Today, it sounds like the South under Reconstruction, post-WW2 Germany or perhaps Biafra … Continue reading

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