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“Our” “Public” schools – worse than ever

The Price of Liberty has always taken a very hard stand against so-called “public schools” – better described as “government-run, tax-funded” or even “government-ruined, theft-funded” institutions (GRTF schools). (A name and acronym coined by the late Marshall Fritz.) He advocated … Continue reading

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Public schooling is fading fast – but there is hope

By Nathan Barton As we read, day after day, how public (government-run, tax-funded) schools spiral downhill more and more rapidly here in the Fifty States, we find that the alternatives are alive, well, and growing more and more important. Around … Continue reading

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The heartbreak of government-run tax-funded schools

By Nathan Barton Recently, Vicki E. Alger a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute, a libertarian-conservative think tank, in Oakland, California, published a new book, Failure: The Federal “Misedukation” of America’s Children. I’ve not been able to read the book yet, … Continue reading

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