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Public schooling is fading fast – but there is hope

By Nathan Barton As we read, day after day, how public (government-run, tax-funded) schools spiral downhill more and more rapidly here in the Fifty States, we find that the alternatives are alive, well, and growing more and more important. Around … Continue reading

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The Pledge … for the children?

By Nathan Barton I recently commented on child abuse here in the Fifty States. Especially as dealing with the so-called public schools. One area in which there is abuse is in the rituals and customs of schools. Specifically with the … Continue reading

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Get your children out…

By Nathan Barton A Blaze story points out one of the many evils of government-run, theft-funded schools – so-called “public schools.” The teacher punished the fifth-grader and threatened him for treating her with the respect his parents expected of him towards … Continue reading

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The priorities of government

By Nathan Barton (Note: This, in a shorter version, was originally a response to a comment to my commentary “The Art of the Deal – January 2018.”) What are the priorities of government?  Of government agencies?  Of government employees? Of … Continue reading

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A Baker’s Dozen ™ Reasons to get your children out of there!

By Nathan Barton It’s no secret that this website and its writers are opposed to public schools – which we unkindly refer to as “government-run, tax-funded” schools – or even more bluntly, “government-ruined, theft-funded schools.” The alternative?  Home schooling.  It … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-46D

Theft by government – Morals in government State Department Spent $140,000 On Booze For Foreign Leaders As Government Planned To Kick U.S. Vets Out Of Memorials Because Of Shutdown (Personal Liberty News) As Federal officials shrieked endlessly about the dire … Continue reading

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