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The Pledge … for the children?

By Nathan Barton I recently commented on child abuse here in the Fifty States. Especially as dealing with the so-called public schools. One area in which there is abuse is in the rituals and customs of schools. Specifically with the … Continue reading

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Are we all nuts?

By Nathan Barton Recently, a popular conservative political website interpreted a recent article published by the American Psychiatric Association to say that one in four – 25% – of Americans are mentally ill.  Although not explicit, I can see why … Continue reading

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Blood in the streets (Las Vegas Massacre #1)

By Nathan Barton This weekend, war again came to America. My prayers are with the families of the dead, and those who are wounded, and their families and friends. I am thankful and honor those who tried to protect others … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-09E: Nanny state and culture warfare

By Nathan Barton Good morning!  Having talked about stupidity for several days, let me move on (or back) to the nanny state and all the culture war type evils we find today. Our beloved nanny of nanny agencies, the Department … Continue reading

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