Transgender, now transabled?

As lovers of liberty, we do very much support the God-given (if not God-approved) right for people to do whatever they want with their lives. And that includes their bodies. It is their choice, so long as they do not aggress (physically, including financially) against others in doing so. However silly, foolish, or stupid their decision and action is.

However, none of us here at TPOL see the liberty extending to forcing anyone else to do something.

Examples? Provide teaching and training without that provision being voluntary and for which the provider is paid. Ditto for medical care. And for food and clothing and shelter.

Now let us look at one current issue and see how that works out.

Transgenderism, as we understand it, is someone whose claimed/believed “gender” (sex) identity does not match with their genetic DNA. It has NOTHING to do with whether the individual produces sperm or eggs – as one recent nut-job Anthropology professor at Princeton recently announced in Scientific American. It has to do with whether the individual has XX or XY in their genes. Nothing to do with gametes. Even if a human has been spayed or neutered: been castrated or had their ovaries removed – they are still male or female. (Yes, I know there are XXY and people with genetic defects that are a very tiny percent of modern humanity. There is no evidence that many (if any) of those transgender clamoring to be modified or demanding to be treated as a sex other than their biological one have such physical defects. Their condition is one of mind, not body. They identify as something they are not.

This sort of identity politics (a pun?) is perfect for the woke, regressive statists so common (and loud) today. Identifying as a different (or even imaginary or “no”) sex is not the only kind of identity we find in populations worldwide. There are, indeed, people who identify as various things. In recent years there have been news stories of people with no military experience identifying as combat veterans (sometimes called politically incorrectly as “stolen valor”). We have people who identify as being a teenager or even younger, even in their 30s and 40s and older. We have various people claiming to be of a specific ethnic heritage that they do not have – either by physical ancestry or adoption: some black, some of a particular AmerInd tribe. And we even have people who claim to be other than human: animals (called “furkin” or “otherkin” or trans-species) or even aliens (extraterrestrials) or even inanimate objects.

(Oddly enough, although there are many reports of people identifying as animals (including furries) that can be found online as far back as 2009 in serious journals, today the Woke claim that such a fetish is a “myth” embraced by conservatives as an excuse to pass more laws and tyrannize more people. Yes, we know that many politicians DO identify as smart, intelligent and compassionate individuals, but the claim that trans-species claiming people do not exist seems as bizarre. And politicians have lots of other, more plausible, ways to tyranize us.)

Once upon a time, this was considered to be impersonation or even a form of insanity or at least a serious mental aberration. And often considered to be a crime. But today? Indeed, anything goes.

Now we have yet another category of humans. The “transabled” are those who identify as “handicapped” (formerly and politically-incorrectly called “disabled”) even though they are not physically handicapped in any way, according to a New York Post story. Although apparently many of these “transabled” want to really be disabled: cutting off an arm, a leg, a foot, breaking their spinal column, and other methods are examples.

Based on the recent history of activists pushing same-sex “marriage,” abortion, transgenderism, and other attempts to warp society, this is just the beginning. Once there is some acceptance of this mental condition as “normal” it will immediately be pushed as preferable and something to be praised and honored. That will be followed by mandates not just to protect the “right” of people to intentionally create physical handicaps, but mandates that medical professionals must accede to the demands of their patients (or the patient’s caregivers: parents, etc.) to damage their bodies to create the desired disability.

This way, indeed, lies madness. What next?

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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