Too many jobs? Too few people?

This came across our screen desktop from a correspondent, and seems to match what was broadcast on various shows on 2 May 2023. We cleaned it up some, but otherwise verbatim:

‘You’re telling me we’ve got too many jobs in the country?’: Sen. Josh Hawley tears into Biden’s Interior Secretary Deb Haaland for saying U.S. has ‘a lot of jobs’ – as he claims ‘over 3 million jobs have gone to China’ in recent years.
Hawley slammed Biden’s ‘radical climate agenda’ during a hearing Tuesday [when he] criticized Interior Secretary Haaland for saying there are ‘too many’ U.S. jobs for blue collar workers to fill. Republicans argue more natural resource production and mining should happen domestically to provide jobs, up [increase?] competition and decrease reliance on China.

‘Why should those things for millions of Americans be sacrificed in favor of your agenda for radical climate agenda?’

‘I know that there’s like 1.9 jobs for every American in the country right now. So I know there’s a lot of jobs –’ Haaland responded, but was cut off by the Missouri Republican senator.

‘Wait a minute, wait a minute. You’re telling me we’ve got too many jobs in the country?’ Hawley scoffed with a sarcastic chuckle.

‘Well, I’m saying that we don’t have enough people,’ Haaland clarified. ‘That’s why we are having a hard time finding folks to work at our Department.’

Hawley wasn’t buying it. ‘You’re telling me we have too many jobs for blue collar workers?’ he questioned. ‘Have you seen the number of jobs we have lost in this country to China in the last 20 years?’

US Senate committee hearing, 01 May 2023

Deb Haaland of New Mexico is of course riding for the brand: she is pushing Uncle Joe’s regime theme that we must allow unlimited immigration in order to have economic growth (among other reasons). She should know better, but for some odd reason, she is a truly Woke “progressive” Democratic activist and an advocate for extremism in many areas, especially regarding one of her ancestral groups. She is a Laguna (Pueblo) enrolled AmerInd, born in Arizona but a New Mexican by choice. She is actually a half-breed, as only her mother is a Laguna: her father is a Norwegian-Minnesotan (which of course made him to be a despised “settler” and “Anglo” and worse, both her parents were military: her father a Marine officer and Vietnam veteran. But like too many people in too many tribal nations today, she has truly drunk the Kool-Aid and bought into the “progressive” Democrat worldview.

Worldview? The States are evil. The “white race” (People of European descent) is evil. All land “stolen” from the AmerInd nations (even if they stole it from some other nation) must be given back. The States must reject traditional American culture, ethnic customs, and liberty to repent and reform and become a nation of color. And of course, the States themselves are nothing more than an evil legacy of colonialism. Since she is the head of the Department of Interior, which includes the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and most Federal land (pretty much anything except Defense installations, National Forests and National Grasslands), she has tremendous power.

Does she really buy the lies that she spouts? I’d like to think better of her mental capacity and believe that she does not. She cannot help but visit her home pueblo or dozens of the AmerInd tribal nations she now in effort rules over to see that too many jobs is NOT the problem. She only needs to ride through any of dozens of American cities to see the squatters, the idlers, and others who are without work and content to live as parasites on society. To look at the dole lists of the other federal departments (HHS, USDA, etc.) to see how many people are not employed.

But doing so would not, of course, let her ride for the brand: the brand of woke enemies of liberty, of prosperity, of opportunity.

The solution: if Americans really can each find (on average) 1.9 jobs, then let us liberate people from their current lack of work or worthless work: lay off a few million government workers and let them take the jobs in private business and industry. Take people off the dole and let them want the jobs that only pay $10 or $12 an hour – or just let them starve! There are many solutions.

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