Economic turmoil? Is there a “liberty” solution?

In the last five weeks we have four of the nation’s (and world’s) largest banks collapse. It doesn’t matter what terms the governments and the financial communities use – they collapsed. Every year – every month – there are bank failures, but for the most part these are small, local or regional banks. The impact is as hard on individual shareholders, bondholders and accountholders, but the big collapses have a much greater impact. (Obviously.) There is a macro-economic impact on the national and world economy when billions and billions of dollars seemingly dissolve into the air.

The banking crisis is far from over, as is not just clear to the financial pundits and experts (except those who shill for the FedGov and the political parties and transnational entities). It is clear to anyone who watches the streets and towns they drive through, the people trying to keep their businesses run, and those who patronize grocery stores. We don’t see the root causes, but we see the effects in exploding interest rates, rapidly rising prices, empty store shelves, delays in getting parts and services done, and a constant drumbeat of increasing taxes and spending by governments. Today’s decision by the Fed to again raise interest rates will just worsen the crisis.

Americans in urban areas are also seeing massive economic impacts, not just from banking problems. Major chains of retail stores are pulling out of many areas. The latest as I write this is from San Francisco, where Nordstroms has announced it is closing its stores. The reason is “deteriorating conditions.” San Francisco has been deteriorating for decades. Back in 2021, there was a massive ramping up of chain stores closing: Safeway, Target, Walgreens, and others. They cited rising crime – in part due to effectively decriminalizing theft and shoplifting of less than US$1000 in merchandise. Others claim the literally filthy conditions of sidewalks and streets as mentally-disturbed people take dumps in public places. Increased “camping” by homeless people, both on public and private property is another problem, which has its severe economic impacts: including theft from businesses. The continued inflation pushed by incredible spending by the FedGov, many State governments (often spending welfare money given to them by the Feds), local governments, and of course the disruption from the Pandemic Panic and the Lockdown, all have hit urban areas hard.

What are the root causes? Some can be readily identified.

First are decades of spiraling government spending and government debt. Especially at the federal level. Money spent for luxuries and not for “essentials” – palatial government buildings, luxurious community centers and recreation centers, gold-plated (sometimes literally) sports complexes (tennis, golf, softball, skateboard parks, running paths, and more). Money spent to increase the number of government employees – diversity coordinators and publicity specialists, assistants to deputies to assistants, and of course, more and more people involved in taxes and code enforcement, even while real crimes are ignored and people suffer.

Second is the disastrous Pandemic Panic and Lockdown and the still-more massive spending. Even while businesses and whole institutions were forcibly shuttered (together with churches and schools and even government offices), spending went up. Unlike private business, government employees were seldom (if ever) laid off: they continued to draw their salaries and benefits while sitting at home: or equipped with government-owned computers and communications to continue their mischief from the comforts of home. Unlike many private organizations who gave up brick-and-mortar sites as they converted to remote work, government agencies seldom did that: they kept paying for millions of square feet of office space that was empty (but with full utilities) and indeed, continued to buy or build more.

Third is the constant refusal of the American people to rise up – even at the ballot box – to throw these government officials (elected and appointed) who lord it over us out of office. And who accept – or even vote for – constant pay increases and other benefits. Even while private employers, squeezed by taxes and inflation, are castrated for denying new or even reducing benefits.

What is the solution? It is NOT more government spending. It is not more laws. It is NOT more government regulations. It is not more micromanagement. It is not even electing different people to take the place of the current exploiters in government agencies and decision-making bodies. These have all been tried multiple times in the past.

If we do these over and over again, the same results will result. At least until the entire economy is unable to support it and the system falls apart.

We must take the opposite actions. We must STOP government spending. Not by 1 or 2% (as even the most radical GOP proposals would do). But by 50, 60, 70% to begin with. And not just at the federal level, but at State and local levels as well. It is NOT more laws, nor more regulations: it is repealing a vast number of laws, wiping out tens of thousands of pages of government regulations at all levels: and ending the micromanagement AND the employment of hundreds of thousands of parasites we call government employees. It is not just electing different people, but reducing their time in office, their time in session, and most especially their power.

These States have been through economic crises before, and we have come out of them clearer and better, and often wealthier. Despite the best efforts of governments to prevent that and to profit even more. We can do it again. But the worse things go, the more serious and fundamental the changes must be.

Can we do it?

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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