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Riots and rebellion in New York

By Nathan Barton It appears that New York City is again building up to an open rebellion against the tyranny and nanny act that is the government of the city. Could it be that this time, they might mean it?

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Blood in the streets (Las Vegas Massacre #1)

By Nathan Barton This weekend, war again came to America. My prayers are with the families of the dead, and those who are wounded, and their families and friends. I am thankful and honor those who tried to protect others … Continue reading

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Better Ideas with Liberty

Libertarian Commentary #16-09A, by Nathan Barton Truth in Media reports that a currently-serving Colorado State Assemblyman, who survived the Columbine attack in 1999 when he was a student there, has introduced a bill to allow teachers in public (government-run, tax-funded) … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 09 August 2015, #15-32A: Pollution

By Nathan Barton Today, just three articles to comment on, pointing out pollution, perversion, and lack of both individual responsibility AND that of organizations and groups, and its huge negative impact on liberty (and quality of life, to use a … Continue reading

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American Cities: Cesspools of Evil

These three stories passed across my desktop and point clearly to the hideous nature of cities, especially in America.  Liberty does not thrive in cities: indeed, it may not be possible for liberty to survive in the long term in … Continue reading

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