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What is the real role of government?

As we continue to deal with the Anno Horribus 2020, and especially the mess called the General Election of 2020 and the Second Lockdown, let us sit back and think for a moment or two. What is the real role … Continue reading

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Just a reminder – power corrupts

NOTE: This was supposed to be a commentary that didn’t deal directly with the Beer Flu Panic (COVID-19 Pandemic). But it seems to be impossible to avoid it. Power corrupts. And the more power, the more corruption. A process we … Continue reading

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Fallujah, My Lai, and the Fifty States

By Nathan Barton “We had to destroy the village in order to save it.” Heard that before? It is a quote, or claimed to be a quote, from the American Phase of the Southeast Asian War (usually called the Vietnamese … Continue reading

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The Rot is Ubiquitous: government-run, tax-supported schools in 2016

By Nathan Barton Most of us know the common wisdom regarding apples: the proverb that says, “the rotten apple spoils the barrel.” In the old days (before wooden crates, which came before cardboard crates), apples were shipped from (or by) … Continue reading

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