Just a reminder – power corrupts

NOTE: This was supposed to be a commentary that didn’t deal directly with the Beer Flu Panic (COVID-19 Pandemic). But it seems to be impossible to avoid it.

Power corrupts. And the more power, the more corruption. A process we are seeing literally DAILY in DC, in virtually EVERY state capitol, and in most counties and municipalities – even the smallest – here in the Fifty States.

The process is worse overseas. Starting with China, which has exceeded its past actions at least back to the Great Cultural Revolution, to India, to Hungary, to Germany and Italy and Canada. Power is being snatched at an incredible rate – faster indeed than the novel coronavirus is spreading!

But lets look at DC first.

Paul Jacobs had a wonderful headline for his article on the incredible Massie-debacle in the US House of Representatives last week: “A funny thing happened on the way to a quorum.” But the situation itself is NOT funny: the House of Representatives intentionally and deliberately violated the United States Constitution. It is obvious from reports and photographs that the Speaker of the House lied about a quorum being present. The House of Representatives colluded with her lie, and went ahead and shirked their responsibilities to represent the people that they cozened into voting for them. And in essence, abused the ONE MAN who had the guts to stand up for what is right. And attacked and defamed him – lying about his motives. And Massa went along with it! As apparently, from lack of action, did the Supreme Court.

Pelosi has indeed seized power. Already corrupt, this additional power is clearly corrupting her more.

But the Senate is no better. In the midst of the Beer Flu Panic and all the continued (and scripted?) drama over the Democrat’s 2020 nominee for Massa, someone has blown the whistle.

It seems that four senators have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar. So to speak. Taking advantage of their august position as Conscript Parents, they have used advance information – given to them because they are United States Senators. Used the knowledge to save themselves a bundle of money. One supposedly saved $1.7 million, or most of his present worth. People are screaming. Accusations are flowing, but the senators are claiming that the selling was the decision of the people running their “blind trusts” which are supposed to prevent this very thing.

The stories say that at least one of these senators shared this advance warning with a very select group of donors. So, what did those men and women do? Did they also move to preserve their own wealth – or short-sell to increase it? And at who’s expense?

(I admit that I do not actually believe that the various kinds of “insider trading” now illegal under FedGov law are all necessarily immoral or not ethical. But this sort of abuse of power, and corruption, is clearly a more serious issue than someone overhearing plans to sell a company to a competitor.)

Around the nation, in state after state, we see elected governors and unelected bureaucrats – especially the health bureaucrats – have seized power. Oh, of COURSE, with the most beneficial of motives, to save lives. Often with little more than nominal consultation with the legislative bodies of their commonwealths. And indeed, sometimes in opposition to their legislatures. It has been easily done, of course: fear has meant there was no need for storm-troopers with bayoneted rifles to clear the chambers, or drive away protesters. Fear with some basis in fact but in reality whipped to new highs by the very health bureaucrats and politicians themselves. And in many cases, the legislative bodies (councils and boards) are seizing power themselves.

Power corrupts. More power corrupts more. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. We can write an equation for it. And draw a graph. One that looks like the graph at the Johns Hopkins University website.

At the stroke of fingers on a smart phone – not even a pen, but rather by Tweets and text messages – the First Amendment has been gutted. And virtually without protest, although police are arresting more and more people for daring to exercise their rights, even WHEN taking protective measures against infection. (At least the American police, for the most part, are not beating people who dare to question government’s orders, as is being done in India. Or (as reported from China) welding the doors of apartments closed with the occupants inside them.

For more and more people, they can no longer assemble, either to worship God (and help others by encouraging and edifying them and showing them brotherly love) or to petition government; or assemble to pass (or repeal) laws and take care of public business. While we still have “free speech” it has become meaningless.

In some States, the Second Amendment is also being stripped of all meaning. Fortunately, not (YET) in the same way as the First. The militia is in essence illegal, while the National Guard is being federalized and state control is reduced. And the police are militarized even MORE than it has for the past several decades.

These are far from the only parts of the Bill of Rights which has been grabbed by the ever-more corrupt powers that be. We are in effect imprisoned without trial. And anyone accused of a crime is very unlikely to get a jury trial – no assemblies, remember – or for that matter ANY trial beyond what a patrolman (or even private soldier) is going to give there on the street. (Yes, I know, at the same time that police have stopped arresting many people for certain crimes, and when real criminals are released from the jails.)

And we must remember: corrupt power first and foremost seeks to sustain and expand itself. The end of this will not come when a coronavirus cure or vaccine is found and distributed. It will only end when people rise up and demand restoration of their liberty.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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1 Response to Just a reminder – power corrupts

  1. Tricia says:

    Indeed power does corrupt and rather quickly it seems. Gov officials in my state of CA and I believe others are already trying to rescind transparency laws that hold them accountable. Gee, whoda thunk?


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