Business as usual – for abortionists

The BBC reports that the Department of Health in England (one of the countries in the United Kingdom) will let women abort their children at home, after a telemedicine conference with a doctor. It is clear that the dangers associated with COVID-19 – and the associated panic – cannot be allowed to interfere with the serious business of killing children in the womb.

Although the DOH (and therefore the UK’s much-despised National Health Service) have many more important matters to deal with, their doctors must take time from more critical activities to review and approve the use of RU-46 or whatever pills are used, and then distract medical personnel from more urgent work to deliver the pills to the mother-soon-not-to-be. Apparently, there was some waffling back and forth.

This reminds us of Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to get restrictions on federal money being spent for abortions removed. It was part of her “essential” amendments to the 2.2-trillion dollar spending spree last week. Will she try again? No doubt.

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