Guam endangered by COVID-19 – but not in the usual way

According to Johns Hopkins, Guam (as of 1 April 2020) has 77 cases of Beer Flu and 2 deaths. But that is about to change.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt, with more than 4,000 sailors, has at least 300 corona-ill on-board, and apparently the US Navy plans to evacuate nearly ALL of those to sites on Guam. The Roosevelt is currently floating in one of Guam’s harbors.

Once can scarcely believe the incredible stupidity and forgetfulness of the Navy brass-hats. Their stupidity no doubt exceeds that of George Bush – their forgetfulness worse than that of Joe Biden (at least for now).

Congress must act now to save the 168,000 people who live on Guam, for surely they will die. Congress realizes this – after all, Representative Hank Johnson of Georgia pointed out that frightful event way back in 2010, when the Pentagon brass sent 8,000 Marines there. Although that did NOT tip over and capsize the island, adding another 50% surely will. And everyone not able to make it to a boat or a plane in those few crucial moments as the island turns turtle will die.

Of course, maybe the House Speaker wants to add another 172,000 deaths to Trump’s credit.

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2 Responses to Guam endangered by COVID-19 – but not in the usual way

  1. Captain Witold Pilecki says:

    Plus the island could capsize if they all disembark on the same end of the island at once.


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