Is Canada’s “MAiD” part of a slippery slope?

Like more and more States and other nations around the world, Canada now has legalized “MAiD” – medical assistance in dying. That, of course, is a politically correct euphemism for euthanasia, or assisted suicide.

But according to a recent survey in Canada, many people want more. Indeed, more than 1/3 of polled Canadians are fine with homeless and “unbearably poor” people requesting (at government expense, natch!) to be put down – to be “assisted” in dying.

Indeed, we think that we are seeing the same slide into depraved murder (under the guise of compassion) in Canada that has been done in the Netherlands and elsewhere. (We believe that a human does have the right and should have the power to kill themselves, even though we believe it is wrong to do so. But our problem is with getting someone else to do it – or being pressured into doing it. Or accepting having it done. Or forcing someone to do it to you.)

First, in Canada, it was MAiD for those with little time to live and no relief from pain when dying from terminal illnesses. Then it no longer mattered how long they had or how much pain. MAiD would assist in offing a person with a terminal illness. (To our research and knowledge no one has sought to do so because they decided, after all, that living itself is a “terminal illness” – we are all going to die physically.)

Now dear Justin and his parliament want to expand MAiD to include not just physical but mental illness. And like divorce, people are apparently fine with “no-fault” assisted suicide. All done, of course, with compassion by government officials (remember? national health care!) and medical practitioners who violate their supposedly sacred Hippocratic Oath to “first do no harm.”

Back in February, it was proposed that MAiD be expanded to include those with “irremediable mental illness” – with the understanding that could include people who have not yet been actually diagnosed as having that but are fearful of being diagnosed. (The decision on this expansion is slated for 2024.)

And now in two separate questions on this poll, a third of Canadians think that the government should pay for people to be helped in killing themselves if they are homeless (#1) or in unbearable poverty (#2). No illness or condition otherwise required. Oddly enough, part of the reasoning seems to be that such MAiD madness will save the government money – they won’t have to pay for medical or mental health care. Even more oddly in today’s Woke culture, a Canadian mental health professional group opposes it because they say that Canada should spend more to treat mental illness, poverty, and homeless. (Baffling, in part because with transgenderism, transvestism, and homosexuality all no longer deemed mental illnesses, you’d think there would be plenty of money to treat “real” mental illness as too many define it. Of course, maybe they worry about putting themselves out of work if too many mentally-ill people are terminated. (PS: apparently many Woke professionals are pushing for pedophilia to be mainstreamed as well. Even more loss of clientele!)

(We will bow to the temptation to point out that if Canada hasn’t been trying to outlaw firearms, the “I wanna kill myself but can’t do it on my own” crowd might not need MAiD so much. Realizing this is a snarky thought, of course.)

Already there are signs (as in the Netherlands and elsewhere) that things are sliding down that hill. There is pressure by various people, including medical, family, and even community to get the ill to ask for help to die. With mental illness, that potential grows. As homeless is often driven by mental illness (even if not diagnosed), this trend seems likely to continue. And it can and has been argued that a desire to kill yourself, to end your life, is by its very nature a mental illness. But in recent months a number of situations have made national news when a person was encouraged to off themselves in social media and schools, by classmates and even loved ones. It is reported that similar cases are seen in Europe.

Indeed, could we not take the view that the people who support this “right” for homeless and poor people might not themselves be mentally ill? Psychopathic and sociopathic?

However we look at it, there is certainly an argument that the expansion of MAiD in Canada does merit its consideration as the proverbial slippery slope into an abyss.

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