Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-46D

Theft by government – Morals in government
State Department Spent $140,000 On Booze For Foreign Leaders As Government Planned To Kick U.S. Vets Out Of Memorials Because Of Shutdown

(Personal Liberty News) As Federal officials shrieked endlessly about the dire effect the government shutdown would have on the American public, the State Department was busy racking up a massive bar tab stocking up on liquor for embassies around the word.

Nathan: I am sure that the priority for keeping the vets OUT of the memorials was higher than for this booze:  the “deny access” operation had to cost a lot more than $140K.  And it sent a message to everyone that they will remember next week: don’t mess with us or we’ll treat you even MORE like dirt.  This administration IS good at some things…  Just all the wrong things.  Just like government: it isn’t ALL incompetent and stupid: many parts are very good at things like stealing money, killing people, and destroying the economy.  Besides, we know the liquor was consumed in a good cause: the same scenario as the Lothario plying the girl at the bar with lots of drinks.

Home front – Stupid cop- Government-ruined, Theft-funded Schools
Cops Arrest Kids For Following Coach’s Orders To Wait At Bus Stop

(Personal Liberty News) After police in Rochester, New York threatened to arrest three Edison Tech High School athletes who were dutifully waiting for a bus their coach had scheduled for them, the kids didn’t know where to turn. They knew the bus was coming, but they had police telling them their presence at a public bus stop was obstructing the flow of pedestrian traffic while they waited.

Nathan: My oh my: the authorities are in conflict with each other, and guess who gets ground to powder?  Of course, it is a good thing one of them didn’t reach for his cell phone in his pocket, and have the cops gun them all down.  What was the coach thinking?

Does Video Surveillance Of A Home For A Month Violate The 4th Amendment
(Personal Liberty News) As police departments around the country get their hands on new technologies like drones and mesh networks, the ability to move around anonymously and privately will be significantly impaired. The Electronic Frontier Foundation argues that it is crucial for courts to play a role in policing the police and their new toys by overseeing the use of these technologies.

Nathan: The Founding Fathers did not SPECIFICALLY prohibit (or authorize!) government agents keeping someone under surveillance at their home or place of business or worship, although spies had long been used by government.  What they DID do is prohibit unreasonable searches and seizures:  “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated,…” The REASON for these prohibitions is what is important:  “our right to be secure in our persons, houses, papers, and effects…”  Does 24/7 surveillance using electronic means which also can penetrate more than the human eye and ear constitute a violation of this right?  I think so.  So does EFF.  BUT will the courts bother to do anything to protect this liberty?  Don’t bother to answer, we already know.

Mama’s Note: Unfortunately, the definition of the word “unreasonable” is unclear in the constitution, and the government has always interpreted it to suit themselves… as with everything else. And it will continue as long as most people accept the government definition of “reasonable.”

The “messiah’s” minions – Politics 2016
Obama: Biden among the best VPs ever, Clinton among best secretaries

(Washington Post) President Obama declinedThursday to take sides in the potential battle for his successor as president, instead saying that both Vice President Biden and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton will rank among the greatest to ever hold those jobs.

Nathan: If we are going to accept hyperbole like this in our public discourse, let me add to it:  These two were about the worst senators in history since Caligula appointed his horse Incitatus to the Senate.  As for the VP: well, once more it has been shown what an empty worthless job that is, and how virtually anyone still breathing can serve as VP.  As for Secretary of State, where to begin?  Benghazi?  Syria?  China?  Of course, Kerry DOES make Clinton look really good at the job.  But  who in the Democratic Party is even worth considering?  Really?

Mama’s Note: I was very lucky not to have a mouth full of coffee when I read that. Just about choked anyway. But of course it all depends on your definition of “best.” For Obummer’s purposes, I suspect they are just fine.

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