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Rites of passage

By Nathan Barton Almost all organizations have certain rites of initiation, requiring people joining to do certain things.  Sometimes, it is just a membership fee or dues, or even just identifying with the group.  Other times it is an elaborate … Continue reading

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Supreme Court – worth fighting and fussing about?

By Nathan Barton Eric Holder, that wonderful paragon of government service “to the people” and incredible example of strict adherent of the rule of law, has condemned the Nazgul, questioning the body’s legitimacy in the wake of adding Kavenaugh to … Continue reading

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The priorities of government

By Nathan Barton (Note: This, in a shorter version, was originally a response to a comment to my commentary “The Art of the Deal – January 2018.”) What are the priorities of government?  Of government agencies?  Of government employees? Of … Continue reading

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A PS to “How stupid do they think South Dakotans are?”

By Nathan Barton This is just a post-script to the recent commentary, to give someone credit where credit is due. The proposal discussed in the last part of the commentary is actually a variation (and watering down) of something that … Continue reading

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How stupid do they think South Dakotans are? (An election tale)

By Nathan Barton In South Dakota, this election, there are several constitutional amendments being proposed. Amendment T purports to “remove politics” from the legislative redistricting process by creating a special commission. The advocates’ slogan is “The voters select their legislators, … Continue reading

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