Ramping up the fearmongering – more and more

It is another day – and another mass shooting.

It is another day – and another killer cop gunning down yet another young black man.

It is another day – and another vicious attack against an Asian here in America.

Water torture? Maybe, drop by drop by drop. More and more fear, day by day and hour by hour, poisoning our society, our culture, our land.

Is it the fault of the so-called liberals, the falsely-named progressives? According to many of the heirs of Limbaugh it is.

Is it the fault of the racist, white-supremacy, founders and neo-Confederates and anyone that is “white”? According to many of the social-justice warriors it is.

Is it because Biden and crew are busy doing all the things that they are? So Trump and other GOP types claim.

Is it the legacy of the evil Trump and GOP? So Schumer, Pelosi, and dozens of other high-profile Democrats and celebrities claim.

Frankly, I think that they all can be blamed for a part of it. Why? Because just as “sex sells” when it comes to advertising, so does fear sell when it comes to politicians. No matter WHAT they claim is the “solution.” The problem is anything that they can scream about that causes fear in the stomachs of the voters, the community.

And none of them – the politicians, the bureaucrats, the enforcers, the activists, the nanny-staters, etc. – have any problem working both sides of the street. Knowing that their supposed “enemies” on the other side of the bogus political spectrum will be just like them. Taking advantage of the claims and accusations of the other side. Whipping up the mob, in one way or another.

A recent example is the commentary at The Conversation “warning” that “Anti-Black police brutality may lead to an armed insurgency in the US.” This commentary by some professor at an Albertan university is not a warning, I think, as much as it is a call for insurgency. As usual, it is slanted: condemning the entire “criminal justice system” and police organizations (in the Fifty States, at least) for the one out of 10,000 police-public contacts that results in a brutal (or deadly) action by cops. While promoting and praising protests which are 92% peaceful.

(I do not accept that cops should be allowed even a 1 in 10,000 “get out of jail” card for aggressive brutality, abuse, wounding, or killing people. Nor do I believe that “protesters” (or “rioters” or “activists” should be allowed even ONE aggressive action which injures people, damages or destroys property, or denies people their freedom – liberty with responsibility. And vice versa.)

This professor, defined by most as a social justice warrior, progressive, or liberal, seeks to create fear. Not just in the victims of cop-crime and violence. Also in those who support police (to any degree): fear that the situation will get worse and require MORE police-state actions. Why? Is it not reasonable to assume this professor WANTS to incite violence, to further divide American and western society?

But it is NOT just the so-called left that does this sort of thing. We see the same general concept published time after time by the so-called right. They promote fear, NOT to encourage people to work for greater peace and understanding, but to promote more divisiveness and more reaction (over-reaction) to the actions of their political enemies. The “RIght” is as guilty of ramping up fear as the “Left.”

A pox on both their houses – and all the slave-quarters behind those houses where people are enthralled by the evil spouting of both groups. They know that power is the reason for doing this: to gain and increase power over other humans. Power they should not have.

If we wish to deny them power, we must reject the fear they seek to create in us. It is a two-way street. If we buy into their fear, we submit to their power, sooner or later.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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6 Responses to Ramping up the fearmongering – more and more

  1. TPOL Nathan says:

    Isn’t there a big difference between fearmongering – pushing fake fears and hyping real ones – and rationally pointing out the dangers that we face?


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  3. mikejavick says:

    B**L KR*P—what about the many many White Police blown away? Why do you offer no solution to this genocide against Whites?


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      Mike, we appreciate your comment, but we are a bit puzzled. Are you saying that this fearmongering that is being pushed at us is garbage? Or that what we’ve commented about that is? The commentary is intended to be somewhat satirical, after all. Politicians and the media and bureaucrats all push fear and panic because they benefit from it. We must fight that.
      As for police, white or other, lovers of liberty generally have little love or respect for coppers. Yes, even the ones who are really honest, really sincere about serving their community and the public (not just the powers that be), and have honor. Why? Because those officers and staff facilitate and promote the bad cops of every sort. No doubt, some police are blown away because of their skin color, but I shy away from labeling that genocide, any more than a cop killing a black (or someone of another skin color than “white”) is genocide as so many are claiming today.
      If we want to consider anything genocide, is it not the cultural genocide that is the major problem? Regardless of the skin color of either those attacking or those being attacked?


      • mikejavick says:

        bogus– i stand by what i said–we never ever had such WOKE * FROM THE MEDIA AND THE ANTI aMERICAN STRATA OF OUR NATION THAT I HAVE EVER seen in my almost 70 years–we are ON THE VERGE OF A MASSIVE CIVIL WAR–AND YOU WILL BE INVITED–OR FLEE LIKE THE TORIES DID TO UPSTATE NY-NH AND CANADA..https://americanlookout.com/conservative-talk-host-michael-savage-warns-of-civil-war-you-should-be-very-frightened/ no satire bs PLEASE–get real we have nuff problems…Michael (Ret US Army Militia ) in Communist ruled PA..under WUHAN CHICOM GOV WOLF..


      • TPOL Nathan says:

        Mike, we may understand. TPOL has never been shy about contemplating a civil war – massive and conducted in many bizarre ways. The fearmongering that the media is pushing is based on lies and intended to support those who want to destroy our culture and society. Just as Communists and Fascists have done so in the past: rouse bogus fears in people, causing them to overreact and thereby ramp up the tensions and conflict. We don’t pretend to really understand all the reasons why. The fearmongering comes in at least two ways: one, that ALL cops are militaristic, racist, brutal, and eager to demonstrate “white superiority” against the “people of color.” And two, that those “people of color” are going to rise up in a bloody insurrection because of the cops. Each of those points is intended to inflame different passions in different groups of people. These things are intended to further divide people, especially their political enemies. Especially, but not JUST their enemies: they must keep their own loyalists and fellow-travelers at fever pitch.

        We use satire in an appropriate way to make points, and that use is not intended to dismiss genuine fears or to discount reality.


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