Who is to blame for the mess the world is in?

Many people believe that the Democrats in these Fifty States are to blame – that they built the world of March, 2022. They give many reasons for that belief. Reasons that may be part of the problem, but (in my opinion) not just actions taken by Democrats.  There are just as many reasons that Republicans are also responsible. And, for that matter, so-called “independents.”

Let us look at some of those.

The economy in 2020 was not great, but far better than what we have two years later. Some of that comes from replacing the incompetent Trump regime and GOP-led Congress with Uncle Joe and the Democrats.  They “fixed” the economy of 2020, alright. WITH the help of the GOP both before and after the 2020 election.  This mess didn’t start in January of 2021, but in January of 2020.  We had pretty good employment. We had good energy production. We were getting less dependent on foreign manufacturing and foreign raw materials. BUT we left government in charge of too much. So unemployment exploded, energy production dived, more money was spent by government (which it had to print or borrow), inflation started ramping up, and things got bad.  And after January 2021, things got REALLY bad. But a matter of degree and not kind.

It was under Trump and the GOP that the disastrous response to COVID-19 – the CCP virus or the beer flu or whatever you want to call it – began. Yes, States and cities and counties and tribes run by Democrats made even worse decisions. But virtually ALL States and other government did stupid things.  Some changed more quickly than others – but the damage was done. We lost lives and treasure. Courtesy of the Lockdown and other measures: a “cure” worse than the disease. The results: more dead, more businesses across the nations wiped out. Oh, and for the most part, the rich got even richer. And government power exploded. Sometimes the GOP led, other times the Democrats: but together they did that.

We’ve always had dishonest, unfair elections. Gradually getting more and more so. (What did we expect? We give up more and more power and wealth to governments – and centralize that more and more. So people were willing to do more and more to gain control of that power and wealth. Anyway they can.) But it was while the GOP was in power – but feuding internally – that the process of corrupting elections speeded up. And it was the GOP that mightly helped make Trump out to be a monster.  It wasn’t that most people liked (much less loved) Uncle Joe and that California woman: they just hated and feared Trump more and more. And now the pressures to further corrupt elections are even greater. Courtesy of both Democrats and GOP and those who went along.

We’ve known that mainstream media is run by Democrats and so-called “liberals” for years.  But the GOP, instead of working towards an honest and truthful and neutral media, tried instead to use other media for the same propaganda purposes as their opponents. And the public went along with it.

People naturally found less and less to be happy about. And more and more to complain about, to fuss about, and actually to rebel against.  And of course, BOTH old parties grew fearful of people throwing off their political chains. So they pushed back.

The effect – at least as perceived? The FedGov is embattled and weak.  So those who are tired of so-called American domination of the world have become emboldened to do some pushing back themselves. And also grew more unwilling to listen to the hypocritical warnings and threats for DC.

And were once again reminded that DC’s promises are worthless.

At the same time, it is both Democrats and Republicans in DC that have continued to meddle around the world. And order stupid things to be done. It seems to be American interference that has led to the crises and wars around the world. From Russia and Ukraine to China and Taiwan, from Syria and Iraq and Iran to a dozen other pots being stirred.  And fear of what the FedGov will do drove people to act to protect themselves. The results? We have not yet begun to see them. All courtesy of both parties in power AND the willingness of too many Americans – independent or not – to allow it and go along with it.

So, Republicans, Democrats, Americans of all political persuasions, look in the mirror, not just at your political enemies. This is your mess. For decades, lovers of liberty – and many of your own kind – have tried to tell you that you were making a mistake. But you wouldn’t listen. You told us to sit down and shut up. And in recent years you’ve condemned us as various things: racists, haters, traitors, obstructionists, and more. And the chorus of condemnation is louder now than ever. You did that.

The default for government is to make bad choices, and this is how it turned out. One party says that they can do it better than the other party. And then goes and makes MORE of a mess. Though you can deny it all you want, but American government is to blame, and depending on ANYONE to use the power of government to fix any of this is whistling past the graveyard.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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