Secession in the air here in the Fifty States – again?

A New Hampshire “libertarian Republican” recently stated that the FedGov was on its way to join the Soviet Union of 32 years ago, and “fold like a house of cards.” So according to Newsweek by way of MSN (lots of independent journalism there, eh?), he introduced a bill to get a constitutional amendment on the ballot to have a public vote about leaving the Union. (Well, this zombie that is left of the Union.)

Of course, his bill was defeated 323 to 13 in the lower house of the NH legislature. No real surprise there, of course: that is 0.5% of the illustrious lawmakers – probably less than the percentage of New Hampshirites who are secessionists. Still, better than nothing, and we can hope he introduces the bill again and again.

But what I really noticed was buried deeper in the article. A number of the lawmakers “said that voting in favor of the amendment could be seen by some as an act of ‘rebellion’ against the federal government, and referred to a section of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which states no one should be allowed to hold an elected office after committing an act of ‘insurrection or rebellion’ while in office.”

Right. No free speech permitted by those statist thugs (apparently Demo AND Repubs), is there? And putting a measure on the ballot is hardly an act of insurrection, much less rebellion. Though we know that since 06 JAN 2021, the true definitions of those words has been warped out of real-space.

And we know that if it had been some Black Lives Matter goon (or goonette?) that introduced the bill to divorce their state from “racist” (and “sexist”) America, these same people would be praising the courage and audacity.

But it comes as no surprise that even SUGGESTING secession, here in the Fifty States in 2021, is something that must be condemned and treated like low-level, barely-living scum: definitely not human. Even while the criminal class in DC is so hot about supporting a country that actually DID secede from an empire – excuse me, a democratic fraternal union – just about 30 years ago. After all, everyone knows that only lovers of slavery and misogynists are willing to consider getting out from under the boots of DC by seceding, right?

It is okay to stand up and speak out for perversions, to encourage child abuse, prostitution (once called “white slavery”), and killing people for refusing to wear a mask or get jabbed. But for someone of European or AmerInd extraction to suggest we might have reached the end of United States History? “String ’em up!” (Except of course they would just go for another jab with whatever poison – after all hanging is associated with “lynching” and racism.)

Of course, this brave band of 13 legislators are hardly alone.

A few months back, Newsweek also reported about a talk by US Senator Ted Cruz at Texas A&M (well known as a hotbed of rebellion and hatred of authority) in which he stated that if the FedGov became “hopeless” it would be time for Texas to leave. (I wonder if he has changed his opinion since then – seems pretty hopeless in DC right now.) He too was condemned by many, even though his parents seceded from Cuba (by boat) years ago. He can understand what drives people to secede.

And Texas has never been that eager to condemn people who secede. After all, the State did so twice. Is a third time unreasonable? The latest effort, the Texas National Movement, apparently has more than 70,000 members, and seems to be growing daily – climbing as the price of fuel climbs and as the dictates of DC grow rapidly. Like Calexit, Texit is very much alive.

It should not be unknown to ANY of us. It wasn’t just Ted’s folks that voted with their feet. Many Americans, many Texans (or their parents or grandparents) did so. They came to escape exactly the sort of thing that is going on today here in the States. And going on in Russia and Ukraine, Libya and Syria, and dozens of other places. No freedom. No liberty, no peace, and no prosperity.

So even if people – and States – do NOT secede now, they are likely to in the future. Encourage them to think about it.

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