A Baker’s Dozen ™ Parasites on society and humanity

As wars and rumors of war spin ever higher, as prices are pushed upward by conniving, wicked men and women, as fresh efforts are made to snatch away prosperity and peace and liberty, something always seems to happen. Just as happens every year, as the New Year’s celebration trash gets cleaned up, we are spammed by various “prophesies” of disaster and doom and gloom. So now, too, all the doomsayers are out and screaming loudly. So too are the various hucksters promising to solve all known and unknown problems and proclaiming there will be pie in the sky by and by. We just have to subscribe to their philosophy (and of course, subscribe to their blogs and mailing lists for $99/year).

Which made us think, here at The Price of Liberty, about all the parasites on people that we “enjoy” as we try to live peacefully in liberty and freedom, with a bit of prosperity (or at least “pursuit of happiness) along the way.

So here goes: A baker’s dozen parasites:

  1. Politicians
  2. Priests (whatever they call themselves: pastors, imams, rabbis, ministers, etc.)
  3. False prophets who don’t accurately predict the future OR bring real messages from a real god
  4. Government bureaucrats – again, need I say more?
  5. Prepper suppliers
  6. Avant garde “artists” and their ilk who do “art” that even the most loving mother would hesitate to put on the refrigerator door.
  7. Psychiatrists – majoring in minors and pretending to really understand human minds and spirits
  8. Attorneys – especially nazgul (judges and justices) who pretend that they don’t understand the constitutions
  9. Journalists – especially television and radio “personalities”
  10. Entertainers in virtually any line of the entertainment industry
  11. Professional sports players – which I know in most ways are just more entertainers
  12. Influencers – making narcissism and egotism pay (for them)
  13. Robbers, thieves, and confidence artists – anyone who doesn’t engage in honest, fair, voluntary transactions. Again, this can include most politicians and government bureaucrats.

Now, these seem to fall into two categories. First, those with a profession that is inherently parasitical. Second, those who prevert a potentially-honest profession into one that preys on people. For example, I think that an entertainer CAN be an honest and decent person who can make a living giving people something that they value enough to pay for: authors, musicians, even buskers and street artists, painters and toymakers. But too many entertainers – whether we are talking Hollywood or Broadway or Nashville – are egotistical monsters who are predators and vile, often cruel people. Theoretically journalists – even some radio and television types – fall into that category. I’ve known some fine people who published and edited small-town American newspapers and magazines who sold honest advertising and wrote the truth – even when it hurt the powers-that-be. But on the other hand, we have to face it: today’s media tycoons and rank-and-file are the children of Hearst and the propagandists that supported the GOP -AND- the Dems back in the 1860s, and who wrote their bird-cage liner for the Jacobins in Paris.

But most of that Baker’s Dozen are of the first type. Parasites. We call them “predators” sometimes, but that demeans the many species of the animal kingdom who are legitimate, honest predators: who work hard to track down, hunt, kill, and eat their prey so that they can survive. But the human trash that make up the vast majority of politicians, many bureaucrats, the “priesthood” and the professional “thinking class” are, at best, scavengers: eagles and ravens eating roadkill, jackals finishing off the bones of the dead and dying. Again, even calling the human (in outward form, at least) “elite” only in their own eyes these names insults the animal (and even the insect) kingdom.

If they were not genetically (and maybe intellectually) human in form, it would be mercy to put them down. Mercy for them and for the rest of humanity. But (albeit sometimes reluctantly) I have to treat them as human, as created in His own image. And it is true. There HAVE been some of their number who have repented – turned from their evil ways of feasting upon the dead and dying hopes and fruits of the rest of the human race. Not many, but enough to make it worthwhile (as well as obedient) to try and save them from themselves.

Admittedly, a large part of that is because some will repent, will change their ways, and will help the rest of mankind survive a little bit better, a little bit longer.

But even then, we must remember the ancient words of a once-wise man who in his maturity turned to that dark side of evil, rejecting good to become one of these parasites. “Put not your trust in princes.” Or indeed, in any human.

As conditions get worse on planet Earth (as they are doing right now, admittedly), we must recognize and prepare for anyone to become corrupt and a part of the pack of these jackals – even if just a flea clinging to the mangy hair of the elite.

Until such time as the parasites have consumed all that they can, turn even more on each other, and so destroy themselves, so that our children and grandchildren can reach out and again grasp the liberty, the peace, and the prosperity, that is their birthright.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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