Origins of war – then and now

Once upon a time, I admired Sir Winston Churchill. But then, as Paul of Taurus tells us, I grew up, and put away childish things. I learned a lot more about what Churchill did, both before he became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the Empire, and while Prime Minister.

Thus it was quite amusing, if disgusting, to hear that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is trying to compare himself – and is being compared – to Churchill. There is no doubt that Zelenskyy is being touted as a great wartime leader. But like so much else coming out of Eastern Europe, we MUST take this with great skepticism. Zelenskyy, like Putin, like Uncle Joe, like Xi Jinping, has a sordid history and a very flawed history. (Indeed, just like Churchill.) And his goals – not “defeating Russian aggression” – are highly suspect.

But the media and the public seem to be lapping all this up. Exactly what is wanted and needed by the various, well-connected, and ambitious movers and shakers which have created this current situation.

The Libertarian Institute recently published a lengthy but well-written article regarding the history behind the Russo-Ukrainian War. If you have time, read it. It may open your eyes more. The entire history paints virtually EVERY player in a very bad light.

The more people that understand HOW we got into this mess, the less likely we are to slide deeper and deeper into the morass and the greater the chances of really horrible things happened. Not that bad things are not happening now.

As we’ve pointed out recently in TPOL, the entire Russo-Ukraine War seems perfectly suited (even planned or designed, as some readers have suggested) to promote a whole host of massive changes, furthering the “New World Order” and its many facets.

Which brings us back to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Is he a player or just a pawn? Churchill, most historians understand, was a player – ruthless, conniving, a bully, and more. As well as an incredible orator and author. Zelenskyy was – AND IS – an actor. A skilled actor who had no experience in government or military affairs (both of which Churchill had).

But either Zelenskyy or his puppetmasters clearly have the same ability to manipulate people and events that Churchill did, and this was obvious not just in the House of Commons in London, but in the European Parliament where it seems all but a forgone conclusion that Ukraine – brave, noble, democratic Ukraine – will be admitted to the European Union. Churchill’s motives seem to have always been very clear, but his imitator’s not so much.

And of course, the Zelenskyy regime is filled with, and in connection with, Americans as advisors and actual government officials, and other influencers. Or so it is reported.

But one thing the two DO share in common: their propaganda, even after more than 80 years, continues to be aimed at the people and governments of the United States of America. Of course, they are far from the only ones to do that. Indeed, for more than a century: Churchill had a role model in how the USA could be manipulated in the government of David Lloyd George. That Liberal government in London successfully conned the FedGov into going to war with Germany in 1917. A feat accomplished with the help of Progressive Woodrow Wilson. And Churchill did it himself with the active cooperation of Franklin Roosevelt. Goading the Japanese into attacking, but only after nearly two years of the US supplying massive amounts of weaponry and supplies to the British war effort (again, similar to 1915-1917).

France did a similar sort of game in Indochina in the 1950s. Shucks! You can make a strong argument that Hearst and the Cubans did the same thing in 1898. You could even point out that Texas – yes, OUR Texas – did the same thing way back in 1845.

Does this ring any bells in 2022? It should. The parallels are not coincidence – they are intentional.

Of course, today we have the talking heads, the rightwing talk shows, and especially social media. Tools no one dreamed of way back then. As a result, the events are sped up. It took 11 years for Texas to get DC to go to war. It took the Brits 3 years in WW1 and just over 2 in WW2. Now? Weeks?

Then, as now, the ultimate goal was NOT just to win a war. No, the goals of starting a war, getting America involved, and winning the war was what happened afterwards. Those goals weren’t always accomplished. In 1918, yes, the German, Austrian, and Russian Empires were destroyed, while the British and French Empires survived – and the Japanese Empire thrived! But in 1945, no one realized that both the British and French Empires would be – if not outright gone – changed beyond recognition in just a quarter-century. Or that the NEW Russian Empire (the Soviet Union) would not even last a half-century.

What is the goal today? To reverse the last century-plus gains in liberty and freedom and decentralization. Not just world wide, but here in the States and much else. It is not a goal that lovers of liberty want to be gained.

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