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A Baker’s Dozen ™ Parasites on society and humanity

As wars and rumors of war spin ever higher, as prices are pushed upward by conniving, wicked men and women, as fresh efforts are made to snatch away prosperity and peace and liberty, something always seems to happen. Just as … Continue reading

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Peak oil or peak stupidity?

A few weeks ago, an apparently popular survivalist website, oriented towards city-dwellers, told its readers that “Peak Oil Is Already Here: What It Means for Civilization (urbansurvivalsite.com)” In part they claimed: “peak oil isn’t about running out of oil. It’s … Continue reading

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Uncle Joe polishes his dictator credentials

A friend sent me this tweet from some doctor: Dr. Jill Biden@DrBiden·Nov 19 Joe will be a president for all Americans. Assuming this is true and Uncle Joe’s own belief, it seems to be to be a clear sign that … Continue reading

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Are we to be grateful that predictions in 2008 and 2012 haven’t come true?

by Nathan Barton A friend sent me a posting from Facebook which pointed out how fortunate we were that the various predictions about what the squatter in 1600 PA was going to do to us have not proved to be … Continue reading

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