Uncle Joe polishes his dictator credentials

A friend sent me this tweet from some doctor:

Dr. Jill Biden@DrBiden· Joe will be a president for all Americans.

Assuming this is true and Uncle Joe’s own belief, it seems to be to be a clear sign that he wants to be a dictator or monarch. “President for all Americans,” as established in a political model from 1966 called “Spirit of ’76” by Holmes Moss Alexander, is a euphemism for a dictator that will ride roughshod over Congress, the States, and individual liberties.

Apparently this is a subtle warning from a woman that surely knows Uncle Joe very well.

We should heed her warning and pay very close attention. Even though he (well, his handlers) is playing nice right now, I think we can expect that to change quickly. And well before 20 January 2021.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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1 Response to Uncle Joe polishes his dictator credentials

  1. Samuel Boes says:

    Funny. Is it not claimed that Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists cheated in the 1933 elections and had massive voter fraud? Now Arclien (reposted by Freedom’s Phoenix) https://globalwarming-arclein.blogspot.com/2020/11/voter-fraud-scope.html, writes:
    We now hear from whistle blowers that 38,000,000 votes were machine switched. That is huge because it puts the Trump count in excess of 110,000,000 all by himself. subtract that from 79,000,000 and we have 41,000,000 for Biden in reality for a total count of 148,000,000 votes.


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