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A Baker’s Dozen ™ Signs of American (Imperial and “Republican”) Collapse

Is the Federal Government (FedGov) still the preeminent world power?  If so, how long will this last? How long before the FedGov, and the former Republic that was the American Union, collapses?  If it is collapsing, what are some warning … Continue reading

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Government: scams on the increase

By Nathan Barton (Speaking of Tax Freedom Day!) Every so often, we get a warning about some new scam, where someone says that (for a fee) they can help us get free money from “Uncle Sugar” or some state agency. … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 28 July 2015, #15-30C: Warning

By Nathan Barton The last week has featured several warnings by prominent people, not even really covered by independent media, much less the mainstream media. These warnings point out that, in the past decades, it is not just that government … Continue reading

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