Libertarian Commentary on the News, 28 July 2015, #15-30C: Warning

By Nathan Barton

The last week has featured several warnings by prominent people, not even really covered by independent media, much less the mainstream media. These warnings point out that, in the past decades, it is not just that government has grown more powerful, but has become a threat to people that rivals that of any tyranny in history.

First, of all people, one of the Nazgul himself, Justice Scalia, as reported in Truth and Action, warns that the insane detentions of Japanese Americans in World War Two can – and WILL – be repeated on a vastly larger scale if things continue as they are, and that internment could begin very quickly. He clearly expects that the traitorous and increasingly evil SCOTUS will sustain such actions as constitutional, as the language also continues to be more and more perverted.

In a second warning posted at his website, much longer but worth reading,  Paul Craig Roberts points out that the root of this horrific regime is the eroding character of the American people, who have allowed – and encouraged! – the perversion of the justice system, the creation of a police state unrivaled in world history, and establishment of a predatory state dedicated to the total suppression of human liberty. Roberts in turn cites several additional warnings written by John W. Whitehead (which can be found on The Blaze’s Whitehead page.) These demand careful reading and analysis. And preparation. Although people love to point out that the Collapse will take decades, things move very fast today, and I think we can expect vast changes to come very rapidly.

Speaking of that rapidity, on Tuesday NATO is holding only the fifth emergency meeting in its history, at the insistence of Turkey, which claims that its territorial integrity is threatened by the combination of the Caliphate (ISIS or ISIL) and its enemy, the Kurdish neo-states. There are several news stories about this, the most comprehensive seems to be at Antiwar.Com []. In world events, the collapse of states in the Middle East reminds me of watching flood waters eat away a damaged retaining wall. Americans can not yet imagine (except perhaps for those who have served in Mesopotamia) what horrors the people of what used to be Iraq, Syria, and Turkey are facing: the deaths and maiming and wounding of hundreds a day; destruction of homes and businesses and utilities and more. But Americans ARE very likely to endure such in the near future.

The cultural war, including battles for religious liberty, continue in the Fifty States.

In Houston, Texas, Freedom Outpost tells us that churches in the city have won a victory against the city administration in getting the petition to put the transgender toilet issue on the ballot next year, delaying implementation of this rather bizarre city ordinance, which says that your physical plumbing doesn’t matter when choosing which toilet to use, just your mental state. This issue was one which triggered a demand by government for all preachers in the city to submit copies of their sermons which touched on either homosexuality or transgender issues, and a subsequent revolt by hundreds of people. Now, the courts have spoken, but unlike the “courts have spoken” on “same-sex marriage,” the Tranzis seem upset and unwilling to comply. Wonder why? But, I don’t think that even if the people of Houston vote against the transgender toilet demand, that the Houston thuggery will end. Armed with the backing of the SCOTUS in same-sex marriage, the push to mainstream other perversions will only grow stronger. Cultural barriers to spreading immorality will be constantly attacked with the help of the mainstream media and politicians eager for power and wealth.

Also in Texas, the Boy Scouts of America continued its decline into perversity and evil, as its executive board voted 45-12 to “end discrimination” against homosexual paid and volunteer staff apparently including adult leaders in troops, packs, and chapters NOT sponsored by religious organizations. As reported in CNS News, this action was prompted by fears of legal action and declining membership, and advocated by Robert Gates, former DoD chief who presided over the open endorsement of homosexuality in the military forces. These fears are bogus, of course.

As regarding membership: the LDS Church (of Salt Lake City) is the sponsor of the largest number of BSA units in the world, and is now considering abandoning the BSA for its own organization. Together with the LDS, the Southern Baptists and Roman Catholic churches account for 50% of BSA organizations, and are also very unhappy. This could HALVE membership. And lawsuits? The homosexual activists have already loudly announced that the exclusion for religious organizations is totally unacceptable: that homosexuality must not only be allowed in ALL Scout units, but must be celebrated and encouraged, just as it is in the Girl Scouts USA organization. Various cities also will continue to view this as unacceptable, since they are seeking ways to force even their churches to accept homosexuality and other perversions (witness Houston).

No, the lawsuits will continue as well, together with the claims of donations being denied, until the religious exemption too is removed. Speaking as an Eagle Scout and father of one, I suppose the BSA had a good run, almost 105 years. It had a major influence (a POSITIVE influence) on our lives. But now, the BSA’s influence is evil and negative, it is part of the problem: the evil culture and society has won yet again. The warnings of Scalia, Roberts, and Whitehead are shown as accurate within days. What too many people claim is a win for liberty is rather a defeat for liberty, for human freedom, and for the culture and society of the Fifty States.

Mama’s Note: “Exclusions for religious organizations” are unacceptable because each individual and property owner actually has the only legitimate authority to “discriminate” (or not) in any way they please. The real problem is the belief that any non-voluntary government has authority to force people to do/not do, think or accommodate those they find objectionable – for “moral” or any other reason (or no reason at all). It is so difficult to understand why people who comprise about 3% of the total population have managed to exert such pressure and gain so much power over everyone else. The “religious” organizations have zero authority to impose their agenda on anyone either.

As for winning, is getting more money from the FedGov a win? Or failure? Which states are least and most dependent on FedGov money? This question is answered in a variety of ways by a study discussed in the Daily Policy Digest, and the list is an interesting one. But the real matter of importance here is WHY are these states dependent or NOT dependent on FedGov money? New Jersey, for example, is least dependent, while New Mexico is most – and it seems that a combination of things, including wealth of the state, the number of Federal facilities (especially military) and lands, recognized AmerInd tribes, welfare, etc. is all involved. It also seems that only direct payments were considered: contracts (especially military procurement contracts) are not considered. Whatever the amount and the reason, it is clear that the FedGov is far too dominant for a supposedly limited government in the economy of the Fifty States, individually and as a whole.

Which makes the warnings even more critical: even a partial collapse of the FedGov will place intolerable strains on the States and local governments, too long living on the federal teat. The more rapidly these various levels collapse, the more likely we are to enter into a horrible version of Chinese-style warlordism, in which local police forces acting as gangs and local organizations (National Guard units, civic organizations, emergency responders (fire/medical/highway maintenance), churches, even businesses), AND actual criminal gangs will seek to establish control and provide safety and security for their members at the expense of people and peace in general. Coupled with a breakdown of power distribution and communications, and then distribution of goods (fuel and food) and disruption of the vital links of sealanes bringing billions of dollars of goods (such as critical repair parts) from Asia, will lead to a cataclysmic failure of society and economy, even without foreign intervention or the use of EMP-generating nukes or nuclear strikes on cities.

Mama’s Note: Yes indeed, but it would not need to last very long. As soon as lamp posts and trees were suitably decorated around the country, the rest of us could probably manage to get things straightened out. Those with supplies and self reliance training would do better than others, of course. The peace following that chaos could well be the best mankind has ever known. I guess we’ll find out.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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