Libertarian Commentary on the News, 29 July 2015, #15-30D: Garbage in, garbage out

By Nathan Barton

Garbage in, garbage out. As we continue to see the war between the hoploclasts (haters of guns) and the rest of us heat up, the WaPo spouts some more nonsense about how “regular people” can’t use guns in self-defense, once more citing a whole series of bogus, biased “scientific studies” and running a bunch of people through fake “training situations,” including one dealing with larceny which is NOT something to be commonly responded to by drawing and using a weapon. (Findlaw defines larceny as: “Larcenyis what most people think of as common theft: it is the taking of someone else’s property without the use of force from a location other than inside their home.”) Mama Liberty and I have long pushed people to get trained properly and constantly practice to use firearms in self-defense and defense of others, but this article is a push to use that as an excuse to register and control… the police state at work.

Police State? Well, John W. Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute has a commentary at The Blaze that shows he is a man after my own heart: he likes lists, and most of what he writes about is dead-on: the Extreme Police State, in which the iron gauntlets covered by velvet gloves has been replaced by Rearden Metal waldos covered by quilted, padded, batting-filled silk mittens, so as to seem to be loving and understanding – but those 3+ people killed each day by cops are STILL dead; the millions unjustly in prison are STILL in prison; the people whose body cavities are searched after they talk back to a cop or INS or BP thug are STILL violated.

An example of the “super-soft” gloved gauntlet oink-state approach may be found in North Carolina, where backyard chickens must now be registered in accordance with a statewide regulation of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, as reported in Freedom Outpost []. Yeah, I double checked, and it is North Carolina and NOT North Korea. But that’s okay, it is for your own safety. Even if you only have one or two chickens – and apparently even if you just LEASE the chickens (there is a company that does that, now, for a mere $400/year, complete with portable coop), you have to file a report with the state, so that you are “protected” against bird flu, and so when the donut shops all close due to the crash, the local cops will know where they can get something to eat, I guess.

How arrogant and egotistical are some politicians? Well, the squatter at 1600 demonstrates this, as discussed by Personal Liberty. The first “Kenyan-American” POTUS (so-called) tells his brethren in Kenya that the Fifty States would elect him to a third term if he weren’t so “law-abiding” and willing to obey the Constitution. Sadly, he may be right. I still run into people who say they’d vote for him again. Gag!

No free speech anymore in Chicago or neighboring cities in Indiana. Apparently in an effort to stay on good terms with the monster City of Chicago, the thuggish mayor of Hammond Indiana censored a hologram-broadcast by a rapper during a charity concert, according to Reason. What OTHER than a police state can do this?

Steven Goddard, in his blog “Real Science” quickly summarizes what a true “political science” is (that is NOT polisci, a class in college, but fake Soviet-style “science” to promote a political agenda) when it comes to NOAA, showing tables which explain how more and more data has been literally faked by so-called government “scientists” to prove what they and their political masters want us to believe: that the earth is warming and that the cause is activities of man.

In reality, another blog by Arclein discusses and forwards a Daily Telegraph article about a study from a Brit University: the planet may be entering a new mini-ice age within 15 years, thanks to a significant (and cyclic) drop in solar radiation, just as predicted by various scientists and science fiction authors in such books as The Centurion. And the last I checked, none of us on this planet have figured out a way to significantly impact what is going on in ol’ Sol’s atmosphere or surface. Expect this new evidence of the baloney of man-made (orANY) global warming to be derided,suppressed, and even outlawed by government goons.

That “little ice age” might reduce incidents like this one in France, reported by Prison Planet. After a woman was lectured and then hit and bruised for wearing a bikini in a public park, a group of “activists” held a bikini-clad protest “in support of her freedom” even though authorities would not say whether or not the attack was caused by “religious opinions,” or perhaps just an aversion to so much skin showing. Of course, being as this is France, we should be glad that at least they wore bikinis for the protest.

As with “man-made global warming,” it appears that the environists and statists and do-gooders may have been wrong about honeybees. For a decade or longer, we’ve been told that man’s horrible deeds destroying the environment have started honeybees on the path to extinction, and that as a result, we are all gonna die horrible deaths of starvation because the bees won’t be there to pollinate everything. But… True Activist reports that the USDA, bearer of all “the sky is falling” news about bees NOW claims that (thanks to man-made efforts) the number of bee colonies has INCREASED. Hooray! No extinction event for bees OR humans, at least not right now. And by the way, the price of honey and the presence of fake honey on store shelves, seems to be dropping. My, imagine, another government agency at last tacitly admitting it might have been wrong!

Spending like a drunken sailor, but only after a bit of a break to sober up so that they can enjoy the spending more? So it seems with Congress, as ARTBA, a lobbyist reports gleefully regarding a giant six-year and multi-billion dollar spending bill for surface transportation (highways and rail, including mass transit. The Senate is playing games and extending the current “business-as-usual” spending for another three months, so that the holdouts can get the pork that they want. I suspect that most of the dems and goppers that voted against letting the bill proceed now are just not satisfied that their states and campaign donors are getting enough gelt. Well, we all know who is being taken to the cleaners. Meanwhile, truck traffic continues to decline, along with the economy, and while summer car travel is up, it seems to all be based on borrowing money – which is exactly how the Congress plans to pay for these billions and billions of porkbarrel road, rail, and bus projects.

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