Are we to be grateful that predictions in 2008 and 2012 haven’t come true?

by Nathan Barton

A friend sent me a posting from Facebook which pointed out how fortunate we were that the various predictions about what the squatter in 1600 PA was going to do to us have not proved to be true: “our government hasn’t confiscated our guns, hasn’t incarcerated us in FEMA camps, and hasn’t completely destroyed the United States…at least, not yet. “

Huh?  I guess that the Facebook poster doesn’t pay attention to the news. Consider:

a. America has 25 percent of the total incarcerated population in the world. Millions of people are in prison or jail or on parole or work release. That 3 million or so is only one percent, but still… And there is much worse than just being incarcerated in a FEMA camp or a prison.

b. Killing rather than incarcerating: Police are killing an average of three people PER day in this nation – over 1100 in 2014, and 663 so far this year through Sunday. And we know that many of these were NOT criminals engaged in committing a crime at the time they are shot (or beaten) and killed (although some WERE “criminals” committing crimes like selling single cigarettes or driving with a license plate light burned out or changing lanes on a freeway without signaling).

c. Killing rather than incarcerating, #2: Each day, almost 3,000 children are KILLED in this country in the womb – even if most of them are not broken up for baby body parts (excuse me, “products of conception”). And this administration won’t even stop funding partial birth abortions!

d. Seizing guns? Actually, hundreds of thousands of guns ARE being seized, just in various hidden ways. Look at Connecticut, consider San Francisco (and now Los Angeles), consider Colorado and New York. Yes, in many of these localities, the citizens are IGNORING the law (and good for them!) but the seizures (with or without payment) are happening.

e. But there is more: The administration has decided that anyone who has someone else authorized to obtain social security checks or do paperwork for them is no longer allowed to own weapons, and is planning to seize them.  Veterans who have EVER been given psychiatric evaluations have their records turned over by VA to the FBI so that they can be denied buying guns, in some cases, veterans have had their guns seized because they were evaluated. At least weekly (if not daily), someone in this nation is killed who was unable to defend themselves because they were not allowed to purchase a gun in a timely manner (delay in processing their permit or some type of waiting period). In other words, “with the stroke of a pen” millions and millions of us will lose our guns. Yes, many will resist, and ignore the law, at least until they are eyed by the local cops. Then? See item b. above.

d. Is not the nation destroyed? Recognized debt, much to foreign nations, is in the trillions. So are taxes. Our court system is more injust and corrupt than the British system was before the American War of Independence. Our public (government-run, tax-funded) schools produce poorer and poorer products every year. Most of the families and individuals in this nation have debts that exceed their annual incomes, and are racking up more all the time. Every year, two or three congressmen or women are charged with criminal actions, usually involving sexual abuse, money, or undue influence. Our money, once worth (less than a century ago) $20 an ounce of gold, and then (just 40 years ago) $35 an ounce of gold, is now worth a measly $1100 an ounce of gold. And you can still buy a Coke for a dime: a SILVER time, not the clad junk (it takes anywhere from 10 to 20 of those). The list goes on and on. Explain exactly how the country is NOT destroyed in some way? You cannot, not with a straight face.

The situation is much worse than we want to admit. Yes, we are not in FEMA camps, just jails and prisons. One of the things that Paul Craig Roberts discusses (as I addressed in a recent commentary) is how many Americans are in prison wrongly, and how the AVERAGE time in jail BEFORE trial and conviction is FOUR months. As well as how prosecutors win 95% of the time. And not because of the quality of police work or the system functioning as it is supposed to.

The same thing is true of guns, and the nation IS destroyed: just not totally, according to most of us, who can still (relatively) safely drive down the road, spend money that buys something, and eat.

But my correspondent (she knows who she is) is right about Americans living a lie and how we are weakening ourselves. This Facebook posting is a perfect example of it.

We have done this to ourselves, by NOT rebelling against the corrupt, power-mad, greedy, arrogant “elites” who have taken over this nation and the world. We can talk about the poor stupid Greeks and others who want everything and are willing to give up anything to get it, but Americans demonstrate ourselves to be no different. May God have mercy on us.

Mama’s Note: If you give “this administration” – or any other – the power to “stop partial birth abortions!”, you give them the power to do all the rest of these things. Individuals, families, and voluntary associations must take back the responsibility, authority, and exercise this power to govern themselves. Nobody can have it both ways.

Nathan’s Note: I changed this to “stop fundng partial birth abortion!”

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