Libertarian News and Commentary, 30 July 2015, #15-30E: Good news, bad news

By Nathan Barton

Good news AND bad news from the United Kingdom this week.

First, it appears that a space drive previously derided as “impossible” now supposedly really does work, according to the Telegraph. The EM drive, likened to the fictional impulse drive of Star Fleet, is capable of accelerations WITHOUT fuel other than solar energy, which would allow travel to Luna in 4 hours and Mars in 70 days. IF NASA is right. It is a British invention, so perhaps Moonraker CAN be built.

As usual, the bad news is political in nature. ZeroHedge reports that a 3-year-old child in London has been determined to be an “extremist” and placed in custody, in a creche for reeducation. Is that sick or what? The UK government grows more and more corrupt: can we hope that King William will clean up the mess in a few years?

Mama’s Note: William? What a laugh – you must be joking. He’s as much a socialist and environut as his father, Charles… who would have to be eliminated somehow before Willy boy could grab the throne. Besides, the British royalty doesn’t have that kind of power these days anyway, unlike the head boobie in Washington D.C.

More bad news, from Kurdistan and Turkey: Unz Review discusses the major mistake (one of many) made by the United States in encouraging the Turkish-Kurd war to resume after a two-year ceasefire, further muddling the “war” against the Caliphate in which the Kurds have been a co-belligerent. Turkey is increasingly unstable and this threatens whatever balance and peace which still exists in the region. The one thing we know is that more and more people will die.

Is Los Angeles contemplating secession and independence? We can only hope, although a socialist workers paradise just fifty miles from a major American naval and Marine base at San Diego might be a concern. Only kidding, but there is this news from LA-la-land: Business Insider tells us that the Los Angeles city council just unanimously banned normal-capacity magazines (that is, magazines that hold more than ten rounds), joining San Francisco, Sunnyvale, and Colorado. Residents will have 60 days before they become criminals for failing to get rid of the magazines. Meanwhile, the council is moving on to consider mandating locking up weapons at home and – get this – exempting retired cops from the magazine ban. My hope is that tens of thousands of Angelenos (OTHER than the gangbangers and other outright criminals) will ignore this stupid law.

Mama’s Note: Trust me, a large number of them will ignore it. This kind of “ban” is impossible to enforce, especially among the unwilling or any side of the “law.” The only thing it can do is increase the prices of larger magazines, and create more bogus “criminals” when such things wind up being used in desperate situations. Bogus criminals and, tragically, wounded and dead victims.

Bogus? According to various sources, including WebUrbanist some company called SALt is going to start manufacturing and selling (or giving away) a lamp and cellphone charger that requires ONLY salt water (35000 ppm salt, or 35 grams in 1000 grams (1 liter) of water) to run for 8 hours a day, producing what seems to be the equivalent of a standard LED (as you might find in a small flashlight). Except of course, that the SALT Lamp requires electrodes that are only good for six months to a year (depending on whom you believe). The lamp seems to violate the basic law of “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch” (TANSTAAFL) because energy has to come from somewhere. I suspect this is either a con job (trying to scam money out of the non-profits and foundations that would provide this to the third world, particularly the Philippines as mentioned in the articles) or a pipe dream of someone who thinks they have found perpetual motion in electric form.

Mama’s Note: Let them alone… if it works, wonderful. If not, nothing will come of it. The only real protection from a scam is a basic grounding in science (or trusted others like Consumer Reports), rational thought, and serious investigation of the offer, including seeing how things work in real life. Fraud is hardly possible without those who want something for nothing.

They are usually cops, too. Dispatch or 9-1-1 call centers are found across the nation now, and JPFO years ago had a good book about them: Dial 9-1-1 and Die. That just happened, apparently, last month; it seems (as reported by the WaPo) that a 911 dispatcher told a caller, trying to save the life of a friend who was just shot, to “deal with it yourself” and hung up on her, because the caller was upset and cussed at him. This was in Albuquerque, already famous for how many people its cops kill. So I guess it comes as no surprise, does it?

Amazingly, a policeman at the University of Cincinnati has been indicted for shooting and killing a driver after he got into an argument during a stop: apparently because the cop lost his temper, according to the Wall Street Journal. Of course, juries have a very poor record (and judges an even poorer record) for convicting jack-booted thugs of such crimes, but the DA says it is clearly murder. And it is still better than a paid administrative leave and a brief internal affairs whitewash. The crime for which the black driver was executed? A missing front license plate.

You know, when you get right down to it the Secret Service is nothing but a bunch of cops. So it should come as no surprise that recent events have revealed their incompetence. So that other bunch of incompetents, Congress, is going to do something about it, as reported by the Daily Caller. The Secret Service Improvements Act of 2015, passed overwhelmingly by the House, will turn the White House into even MORE of a castle/fortress/palace, the envy of every other dictator and autocrat on the planet. Saddam should have been so fortunate! More weapons, more armor, more training, more surveillance, all for the squatter and whomever gets in there in 2016. Meanwhile, borders? Pfiffle: as long as the jumpers don’t get into the White House any more, Congress is happy.

Do you want to waste a few minutes and some electrons? Join me in sending a letter (by e-mail) to your congress-crittur, saying something like this:

Dear Congress-Crittur: I have been told that the House of Representatives passed HR 237, known as the “FTO (foreign terrorist organization) Passport Revocation Act,” which allows the Obama administration the unilateral power to strip any American of our passport and right to travel without a trial or even criminal charges. I understand that this piece of legislation did not receive a “recorded vote” due to the “uncontroversial” support and passed after only 15 minutes of supposed debate. For anyone caught up in this “web” wrongly, there is no recourse contained in the legislation to “challenge the status as a non-person involuntarily trapped inside US borders by order of the secretary of state.”

Is this above information true? If it is true, just where were you? Why did YOU not stand up for the liberty of the people of your state and district? Why have YOU not sounded an alarm about this?

This information comes from an article at Freedom Outpost, explaining how due process is dead. Bad enough that the judges are paid agents of the state, that juries are often brain-dead (because the process almost guarantees it) and that the prosecutor wins 95% of the time: lets just forget about all that and have some lowlife GS-3 data entry technician or uniformed thug at the airport steal your freedom to travel. (Be sure to change the name of Congress-crittur to your own beloved representative. To find how to send, google e-mail and the name of your congress-crittur and you will find a link. No, I don’t expect this to make any bit of difference, but we should be fighting in every way.

Not content with just killing millions of babies, the Tranzis want to expand the Dutch experiment of killing off a lot more humans, in particular the old and infirm and feeble and ill. A UK columnist, featured in World Net Daily, Katie Hopkins of The Sun, wants neighborhood euthanasia vans plying the streets like ice-cream trucks or beat cops, scooping up and dealing with and disposing of the far too many old people that litter the world or at least the UK. This is of course what the Netherlands has done since 2012, and what the National Socialists used for half a decade in Germany to dispose of about a half-million unwanted beings. Of course, that number is ridiculously low for Hopkins, who wants migrant boats filled with people fleeing from North Africa, the Middle East, and elsewhere met with gunboats. She compares old people to dogs. (Certainly worth less than Cecil the Lion.) In other words, just the sort of woman that the Clintons, Bushes, and certain others can count as a good friend and political ally. Expect, now that we have same-sex marriage and mandatory payment for abortion services in insurance contracts, and everything else, to find a new line item on your local tax bill soon, for euth van special district services, and for the list of eligible candidates for the service to quickly grow, to include not just the subnormal mentality and the elderly/sickly, but the mentally ill, the too costly to hospitalize, and how could I forget: the racists that won’t burn their Southern Cross flags. Just as it seems that anyone not actually out of the hospital neo-natal unit is suitable for abortion in the eyes of some, the cut off age for too old is surely going to change.

Mama’s Note: That sounds bad, but you’ve got to remember that a lot of old crotchety, independent people out west have GUNS… They want to do things to us we won’t allow as long as we have guns. …which is why they’ll get away with it in the UK, of course. They already grabbed the guns.

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