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That dead letter

Lawrence Vance is, in my opinion, one of the better scholars and writers on civics, government, and political matters today. His understanding of the accurate history of these States and the sleight of hand fobbed off on the States and … Continue reading

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The radicalization of American society

The radicalization of American society continues. Part of the solution to that is in the hands of lovers of liberty, promoting and living peacefully, promoting an attitude of live and let live, and encouraging voluntary action to resolve conflicts and … Continue reading

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In the recent Insider article about the lack of unpreparedness of American cities for a nuclear explosion, one of their “experts” stated that he had apologized to his children and grandchildren for “leaving the world in such a horrible mess.” … Continue reading

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Mistakes in American history?

By Nathan Barton In a recent article in the FFF website, Mr. Jacob Hornberger identifies the creation of the “national-security-state” as being the worst mistake in US history.  He then goes on a rather wide-ranging diatribe against the last dozen … Continue reading

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Libertarian commentary on the News, #14-33F: Blessings and curses

by Nathan Barton Good morning.  As things seem to spiral downward both at home and abroad, it never hurts to realize that we have many blessings.  So (at risk of ticking off people who do not believe) join me in … Continue reading

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