Fourth Reich (Vierte Reich) on the horizon?

The EU, Breitbart reports, is working quickly to assimilate the “Western Balkans” while issuing such stirring statements about a future imperium. “Enlargement policy is among the top three priorities of EU leaders,” EU Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement Olivér Várhelyi said during a visit to Belgrade, Serbia, a few weeks back. “The only real long-term solution for peace, stability and prosperity is EU membership.”

As I recall, that is pretty much what Roman General Pompey told the Hebrews a bit over 2,000 years ago: he made it clear that Rome was done with the abuses and tyranny of the Seleucid dynasty which ruled the Levant from Antioch in modern Syria. The Judeans were promised that the SPQR – the Roman Empire – would provide for peace, prosperity and stability. And they did, for about 230 years – from about 165 BC to AD 65. At a considerable cost in blood and treasure and loss of liberty, freedom, and godliness. (That’s almost as long as the USA has been around, eh?)

And what the EU promises is not much different from what Sargon of Assyria had told Israel (the Northern Kingdom) and Nebuchadnezzar told the Kingdom of Judah (the Southern Kingdom) and its people a few hundred years earlier. That only resulted in the complete disappearance of the Northern Kingdom, and just 70 years of deportation and captivity, massive bloodletting, a disapora, and more for the Southern Kingdom (from which modern Jews claim lineage.)

(We only remember these things because they are recorded (among other places) in the Bible. Arguably, the most influential book in world history – whether for believers or non-believers. This no doubt happened dozens of times in Asia, Africa, and the Americas – but how many people today know of those nations and empires? Do not let skepticism in the Bible distract us from many of the lessons we can learn.)

Back to the concept of “peace, stability, and prosperity” in an empire:

It was certainly Abe Lincoln’s attitude, as he and his cabal forced the Confederate States back “into the fold” – followed by more than a decade of military occupation and actions by the FedGov that prompted a backlash that has tainted racial relations and more in the States for the last 150 years. And we see that it was the claim of warlords and emperors across Europe for centuries. William the Conqueror, Napoleon, and Peter the Great all come to mind. In modern times, Uncle Adolf, Papa Putin, and Saddam Hussein all no doubt believe that. And certainly practiced (or practice) it.

The EU, dominated by Berlin (with strong support from Paris, Rome, and Madrid), appears to be eager to take up the mantle of European Empire. Not the tacky British “white man’s burden” of famous poets, of course. The EU seeks only to rule with a velvet-covered, iron glove over all Europeans. Even Britons. And of course, all the residual colonies of various European powers, like various islands in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans. And in a clandestine manner, many of the former imperial possessions. Especially those of the French in Africa.

At the same time, the masters of the EU seek to create another “New Order” in Europe itself, displacing its native populations (busy NOT breeding and therefore trying to terminate their existence) with massive immigrant populations from North and Central Africa and the Middle East. Heavy on the Muslim populations, even though much of the immigration from Central Africa is Christian. Is that a form of “internal empire?” Perhaps.

(Now, we have to recognize that the last year’s war in Ukraine may have caused some delays in that plan. Europe is now flooded with Slavic refugees from Ukraine and Russia itself, and probably Belarus, Moldavia, and elsewhere.)

But unlike the architect of the Dritte Reich (Uncle Adolf), the collective leadership of today’s EU pretends to not be nationalist or racist. They do not seem to care about the ethnic or national origins of their subjects-to-be. To the National Socialists of the 1930s and 1940s, Jews (of whatever race) were subhuman and Slavs and other ethnic groups were, at best, marginally human. While all these groups were useful to the NSDAP as temporary slave labor, it was a use-and-burn (literally) system. But those in Brussels, socialists all but transnational in orientation, are “equal-opportunity” enslavers. They appear to not care what color your skin, what language, what religion, what ancestry and homeland those they rule over might be.

Well, maybe not what religion. Any form of Christianity seems to take a backseat to Islam and Hinduism and Buddhism. Particularly Islam. And of course, the worship of the State. None of which can be tolerated by lovers of liberty.

It is interesting. Just over a hundred years from the first die-off of European empires (the Zweite Reich (German Empire), the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire, and the Russian). Only three-quarters of a century after the (official) demise of most of the empires in the rest of the world (the Japanese, the Dutch, the British, and the French). Just over 30 years from the collapse of the Soviet Empire, the idiots in Brussels, Paris, and especially Berlin are trying to form a new empire.

Of course, there are still three other empires left on the planet, so maybe the Euros are trying to keep up with the Joneses! (The three? Russian, Chinese, and of course, American.

None of which is likely to promote liberty. And very unlikely to keep promises about peace, prosperity, and security. For all these empires, including a Vierte Reich, are doomed. Not just by demographics but by fact of human nature and technology and many other factors. The Europeans -especially the German elite – are trying hard to avoid the real collapse of both Russia and China which we are now watching. And what they perceive not just as a collapse of the American empire but the collapse of the States. The odds are very much against them. Fortunately.

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