Fear spreading through Europe, not just States

The USA is a mess. Economically, socially, morally, politically.

Europe is worse.

In the last two months, we have seen things rapidly going downhill in the EU and the rest of Europe. Apparently only an unusually warm winter so far has kept calamity at bay. Calamity? Fuel shortages are resulting in roaring fuel costs. For the elite, it is business as usual, with the grand super meeting at Davos among other things resulting in a shortage of hookers to meet the lust of the bigwigs and their entourage of minions.

In Ukraine, conveniently, warm weather is creating conditions more springlike than not: no frozen ground means more mud and enormous difficulty in movement. So the long-touted Ukrainian offense to drive the evil Russkies out of the motherland has been delayed. Or called off. So more and more NATO support for the brave Ukrainians must be increased. But the European elites fear that the American money spigot may be turned off, with GOP control of the House of Representatives.

And the natives are getting restless. Consider this:

German officials arrest 25 in suspected coup plot
Thousands of German officers on Wednesday [07 Dec 22] raided roughly 150 sites across Germany tied to a suspected terrorist organization, prosecutors said. In addition to the 25 arrested, another 27 people are under investigation. Prosecutors allege that the suspects formed a terrorist organization last year with the goal of overturning the current German government and replacing it with their own government. They were already founding a new state, prosecutors said. The suspects may have planned an armed attack on institutions of the state, said Justice Minister Marco Buschmann. Who are the suspects? The plotters are suspected to include members of the extremist Reichsbürger (Citizens of the Reich) movement. German police have been watching the group because of links to violent attacks and the members’ racist and antisemitic conspiracy theories. The group also refuses to recognize the German government. Along with detentions in Germany, prosecutors said one person was detained in the Austrian town of Kitzbühel and another in the Italian city of Perugia.

We have the entire text included because it shows the panic of the German authorities. And frankly, their irrational claims: they raid 150 sites and only arrest 25 people? The claims of racism and antisemitism are boilerplate, just as in the States.

This didn’t make many American news outlets, of course. They were too busy and filled with attempts to present the protests on 06 January 2021 in the same light: coup plotters staging an insurrection intended to overthrow Congress and keep The Donald as their Leader and presumably “President for Life.” Again, the behavior of the authorities is irrational, bordering on madness.

As the war in Ukraine drags on, despite the mild(er) winter, as frustration with the idiocracy in Brussels and Berlin drags on, is it any wonder that people are seeking some solutions to business as usual?

People have forgotten what the 1920s were like in Germany. While the rest of the world was in the Roaring Twenties, Germany, the heart of Europe, was in dire straits. The people, fearful, depressed, poor, and with little hope reached out for anything, anyone. That included Adolf Hitler. He was and is well-known for his incredible oratory. Regardless of his politics and evil, he was an amazing and mesmerizing speaker. He gave people hope and they gave him power. We forget that he was elected to his positions of power. While that may not be the case with the latest plotters of coups in Germany, or Italy, or Austria, conditions are ripe for someone else to rise up.

And you don’t see much these days in the media about the impacts of the still-growing Muslim populations in Europe. But like the massive migration into the States, that continues. And further whips up the fear of Europeans. And the fears of their self-appointed elite rulers.

And as we know (and indeed are seeing right now), when Europe catches a cold, the States develop a fever. And war is the health of the state: war (proxy or not) is seen as a way to at least patch over the cracks in society and economy.

It may be a mild winter when we talk about temperatures and precipitation in Europe, but figuratively, it is a cold hard winter growing darker. And with no end in sight.

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