Canadian dictatorship grows stronger

Simon Black shared this little tidbit last week: It’s Official! Justin Trudeau Is Above the Law

Sadly, the Dominion of Canada, once considered to be a gentler and kinder (and even more free) version of the Fifty States, continues to spiral down into just another post-Imperial woke dictatorship. This is just one more example.

“In 2016, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took his family on vacation to a luxurious exclusive private island in the Bahamas. But he didn’t pay for the $215,000 trip. It was a gift from the Aga Khan, the leader of a Muslim sect.

“The problem is that the government of Canada has contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to the Aga Khan Foundation, which hands out grants to developing nations, especially in Africa and the Middle East. That presented a clear conflict of interest. Which is why the Royal Canadian Mounted Police considered charging Trudeau with breach of trust.

“However, the RCMP decided not to charge Trudeau. [This sort of corrupt action is increasing common to what was once one of the world’s best-known and upright para-military police forces, with an honorable reputation. In a land once considered to have more liberty than its neighbor to the South.]

“Part of the reason, it wrote, was that the harmful “effects on Canadian society of pursing criminal charges against a sitting Prime Minister would vastly outweigh the deleterious effects on Canadian society were criminal charges pursued against an anonymous member of the public.”

“In other words, Justin Trudeau is above the law.” (Simon Black)

And based on the language of the RCMP report, this elevation to status not even granted nowadays to the Royal Family – the Queen of Canada herself – this “policy” will apply to every premier of Canada from this time forward.

This is far from the only example of the growing tyranny of the Canadian Federal government and that of the Provinces. Although the Canadian Provinces are allowed far more sovereignty that American States have been permitted for a century or more, they seemingly are moving in lockstep. Towards a less-free, more-controlling society in which conformity is demanded and politically-incorrect non-conformity is punished.

Indeed, examples abound: the now clearly-failed truckers’ protest over COVID-related lockdowns and disruption of the supply chain and the theft of money from those who financially supported the truckers is recent. As is the arrest of preachers for refusing to shut up over those issues. It has been several decades since preaching against homosexuality – viewed as a sin in the Bible and by many religions – has been outlawed and punished by arrest and imprisonment. (Unless, politically-correctly, the objection to homosexuality is based on the Quran and Shari’a law, not the Bible.) Canadians have for the most part been disarmed, unable to resist government and other criminals – who aren’t willing to obey those laws. Truckers were widely condemned (and punished) for slowing or blocking traffic at border crossings with the States – although the Canadian fedgov and provincial governments had virtually sealed the border just months earlier for the pandemic panic.

Liberty is rapidly becoming a thing of the past (though NOT of history) in half of North America, once the most free of any continent on the planet.

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