Who will watch the watchers? Who will terrorize the terrorists?

The WaPo, chief publication of the government “public-private” partners called the mainstream media, is touting the Democratic “response” to the Buffalo New York killings. Their response in essence consists of once more demanding MORE laws to “prevent” killings by taking more and more guns away from more and more people. AND creating more bureaucratic “law enforcement” and “intelligence” agencies to coordinate federal efforts against “domestic terrorists.”

These, of course, are carefully specified as white supremacists, anti-Muslims, anti-government, neo-Nazi extremists who are infiltrating law enforcement agencies at all levels of government. And the armed forces – also presumably at all levels. In their story, the WaPo goes back months to rehash claims that statements by various “right-wing” (Republican) politicians and officials that high officials in the Biden regime claimed that concerned parents “disrupting” school board meetings could be considered “domestic terrorists.”

There is the smell of “set a crook to catch a crook” in all this. The mainstream media pretends to push back against disinformation by spreading… disinformation. And in a like manner, the supposed battle against domestic terrorism is fought by using… domestic terrorism!

All sides are playing word games and parsing overblown rhetoric by all sides (except, of course) their own. This is, of course, what politicians do. And what they pay their shills: bureaucrats and political appointees; to do for them. To get money and votes and power. It is what attorneys do when they compose and wordsmith their endless briefs and contracts and guidelines and directives. In other words: let us fight confusion by creating MORE confusion. Try to counter lawlessness – breaking the law – by creating MORE laws for the criminals to break.

All of these word games and play-dramas seem, in our opinion, to exist solely for the purpose of creating confusion, division, anger, fear, and panic – not just among the public and society in general, but among their own supporters and operatives. A vicious circle which leads to conditions to let these con-artists obtain their goals.

And especially to hide the truth: that the very things that they are “demanding” as far as coordination between government agencies against whomever they want to define as “enemies of the state,” have been around for decades. Coordination between government agencies to “protect freedom” by protecting government and its nourishment – today called “resisting terrorism” – goes right back to the so-called Whiskey Rebellion. Then, the War Department cooperated with the Treasury Department and the State of Pennsylvania and the White House (before it even WAS the White House) to terrorize those they decided were terrorizing the government officials who were terrorizing the farmers! Get that?

And while they have been around for so long, they also seemingly have failed in stopping or even slowing such horrible things. Indeed, we see such “domestic terrorism” expanding year by year. And not just due to redefining who IS a “domestic terrorist” as done by the National School Board Association and tacitly accepted by Uncle Joe’s Department of Justice.

Indeed, if we look at the basic definition of “terrorism” and ignore the claim that government agents (at least not our OWN governments’ agents) cannot be “terrorists,” domestic terrorism has been constantly expanding in the States since… oh, about the time of George Washington, as we pointed out above.

Is it too much a stretch to say that the most experienced and most capable and willing domestic terrorists in the Fifty States are the members of the various agencies that are supposed to “combat” domestic terrorism?

Again, to end this diatribe, let us go full circle. In a land where the supposed “watchers” need and reject the need to be watched, we should not be surprised that the immoral powers-that-be who survive and thrive by terrorizing people internally and externally should hide their activities by claiming that everyone opposed to them is a terrorist.

And will continue to do so – while ramping up their own surveillance and coercion (by threat of and actual violence) – until every power that they have is taken away from them. And given to no one, except for the power of an individual person to government themselves.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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