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Get your children out…

By Nathan Barton A Blaze story points out one of the many evils of government-run, theft-funded schools – so-called “public schools.” The teacher punished the fifth-grader and threatened him for treating her with the respect his parents expected of him towards … Continue reading

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Fake “rights” and Phony “equality”

By MamaLiberty Just this morning I discovered that the feminazis have co-opted the “Time’s Up” theme from the Gadsden flag.  I put the flag up as the header here just a few days ago to emphasize the article I wrote, … Continue reading

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Is it right?

By Nathan Barton Can we not learn how to defend ourselves AND be kind and inclusive?  Can we not show respect and tolerance for others by understanding how not to offend?  Can we not exercise free speech without being condemned … Continue reading

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