Fake “rights” and Phony “equality”

By MamaLiberty

Just this morning I discovered that the feminazis have co-opted the “Time’s Up” theme from the Gadsden flag.  I put the flag up as the header here just a few days ago to emphasize the article I wrote, “Is It Just Me?” I had no idea it was even remotely connected to the false harridans screaming endlessly for more and more control over everyone and their property… either male or female. This sex thing is so ridiculous, and I didn’t want anyone to even begin to think that I supported any of it.

So, let’s look at the reality:

  1. Every human being on the planet has the exact same “rights” as every other human. The natural right to life and self defense. The right to be left alone to live their lives as they wish, as long as they don’t threaten or harm others. They must decide whether to negotiate with others, or defend themselves – and they must be prepared to live with the consequences of their decisions.
  2. Respect is EARNED, not a given. It can’t be legislated. The result of an attempt to force someone to respect you is hate, resentment and even violence.
  3. There are exactly TWO biological sexes. Male and female. Occasionally a few humans are born with confused sex linked DNA, but that is an aberration just as it would be if they were born with three arms or an extra liver. Now, anyone can claim otherwise to their heart’s content, but they can’t rationally or legitimately force anyone to accept their choice or change their own life or beliefs to accommodate it. And, by the same token, what anyone chooses to identify as is nobody else’s business. Everyone simply has to be willing to live and let live, if they wish to live in peace themselves.
  4. Every single human being is the owner of his/her life and body. They are the only ones responsible for that life and their safety. The smart ones join in voluntary association with others to pursue mutually beneficial actions that promote their well being and assure mutual defense. None of that in any way requires the forced participation or agreement of anyone else.
  5. All people are “equal” in basic natural rights, but that’s where it ends. Nobody in the world can guarantee anyone’s rights or equality. Those are qualities each person must define and ensure for themselves, in voluntary cooperation with others. Pursuit of a solid education, hard work, functional family and non-aggressive relationships with others are the key factors. There is no such thing as a free lunch…
  6. The world (or any part of it) does not owe you a living, respect or rights. It’s up to you to claim them, live them by your own choices and actions.

The desire/lust to control the lives and property of other people is the ROOT of all evil. It is the evil of all non-voluntary government and all politics. It is the root of all oppression, busy-body do-gooders, war, nationalism and all crime of every kind.

I keep saying that… So far I’ve gotten very little feedback on it. Do you believe that there is any legitimate reason or justification to control the lives and choices of others? I’d love to hear what you think.

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10 Responses to Fake “rights” and Phony “equality”

  1. Bad Big Dog says:

    “Do you believe that there is any legitimate reason or justification to control the lives and choices of others?”
    It is never legitimate to control the lives of others. As to controlling the choices of others, yes, but only under very limited circumstances. It is permissible, as a means to an end, to control the choices of others when you are trying to help them and–had they known the information you knew at the time–would have consented to your actions.
    Here is a simple example: I know there is a bomb under your car but you don’t. I prevent you from getting into your car and driving off (thus I am controlling your choice). Had you known what I knew, you would have consented to my actions. For purposes of this illustration, let’s assume there isn’t time for me to explain to you about the bomb — I just simply have to act to prevent you from driving off.
    Other than that, the fundamental right to be let alone must be preserved.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      No sale. This really far fetched hypothetical example is no exception to the rule of non aggression. I can’t think of any situation where your wish to “help” someone would give you authority to control them in any way. In your example, giving the person the information that there is a “bomb” under the car would be helpful. How the person responded would be THEIR responsibility. Any attempt to control their actions requires force… the initiation of force. So, just no.


  2. Slave Larry says:

    I’ll mind my own business, you mind your own business.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Exactly. I have zero interest in controlling anyone else. We might voluntarily share in some particular interest, of course, but control of the other shouldn’t enter into it. If I’m attacked, I have only an interest in stopping that attack.


  3. MikeH says:

    Thank you for this article it says a lot. But how do we take back that which we ignorantly gave away!


    • MamaLiberty says:

      One person at a time takes back control of their own life. There is no “we” to it. Those individuals who take back ownership of their lives can THEN enter into voluntary organizations and work together to find solutions. It won’t be easy. But if people don’t accept self ownership, it won’t be possible at all. How many people do you know who accept full self ownership, full self responsibility? I don’t know very many.


  4. Fred says:

    “The desire/lust to control the lives and property of other people is the ROOT of all evil.”
    I agree. The Bible calls this property money but yeah, it’s the same concept. It says; “For the love of money is the root of all evil…”

    Yep, it’s always about the money and power, or control and property as you’ve stated. No, there is no valid justification. We have free will. This is the natural law, or natural right as you’ve said. To attempt to control another’s free will is certainly wrong. Being Christian I would call this “unnatural” (or the opposite of natural law), that is, sin.

    “All people are “equal” in basic natural rights…”
    Yep, this is what was meant by “created equal” which means equal under the law but not against the natural law (rights) as plainly understood. Now it means taking somebody else’s property to force equality of outcomes which is a purposeful misunderstanding, aka a lie, and again, a sin.

    Anyway, I like your six point manifesto as a plainly understood natural right of man. Pretty good.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Money is merely a medium of exchange. Just as with our tools, it can be used for good or evil. Control of others through force is always evil. It is the control and force that uses money to harm others. And too many people give those controllers that power to harm others because they want some of the money or to share the power, of course.


  5. Rocketman says:

    A long time ago your comments used to be called by a another quant name “Common Sense”. Those days in America, I fear, are gone for good. America is on the outer edge of what I’m convinced is another civil war and the only thing I believe is going to stop it is to break up the various states into bastions of liberty and tyranny so that each person can decide which type of government he or she wants to live other. Either that or anyone who realizes the danger must leave America before it starts.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Problem with that, Rocketman, is that there is nowhere to go. The colony on the moon or Mars will not be ready anytime soon. I don’t want to live under ANY “government.” The war that is coming won’t even be as neat and predictable as the old “war of northern aggression.” I don’t think anyone can even imagine how terrible it will be, and I don’t see any way to avoid it. The statists and collectivists are never going to peacefully segregate themselves from the rest of us.


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