The Cowboy Bar Robber

By MamaLiberty

OK, folks… enough of the serious stuff for a while. Today I want to share a joke with you. Heard it from a cowboy I know here, and heck… it might even have some truth in it.

So, this man walks into a NE Wyoming bar one evening, noting the four grizzled cowboys sitting at the tables. After ordering a drink, the stranger pulls a pistol and tells the barkeep to hand over the cash. The barkeeper just smiles and points to the room behind the guy, but the robber is only puzzled and repeats his demand.

The barkeep continues to smile, making no move to empty the till, and the would be robber starts to get nervous. He wonders what is going on behind him.

Then he remembers to look in the mirror over the bar. He sees all four cowboys covering him with pistols of their own. Looking back at the bartender, he now sees the business end of a double barreled shotgun pointed at his chest.

Leaving the gun and the drink on the bar, he climbs down slowly and heads for the door.  Just then, the sheriff comes in and asks what is going on.

The would be robber sobs and begs the sheriff to save him.

The barkeep laughs and says, “Aw Jake… we didn’t hurt him none.”

And that’s pretty much why there are no bar robberies in NE Wyoming. Or any other kind.

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