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Of Frogs and Universities

By Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D. Over the past half century or so there have been unprecedented changes in higher education which most exquisitely are explained by The Frog Theory. Per Wikipedia, The Frog Theory goes as follows: If a frog … Continue reading

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Another “answer” in Search of a Problem

By MamaLiberty There’s a place for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Do the Boy Scouts really need to embrace girls? (Mike Baker at Fox) I admit to being a bit old fashioned. Believing that there’s a place for a Boy … Continue reading

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Are we weird enough yet?

By Nathan Barton As our society further slides into utter confusion and chaos, becoming less and less a society in which liberty can flourish, we keep seeing stranger and stranger events. One of the latest is a proposal highlighted in … Continue reading

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Donald Trump, military dictator (or: Dick Daring, boy reporter)

By Vin Suprynowicz (Full article at Vin’s blog here. Long, lots of stuff covered, and some we won’t agree on. Over all, an excellent read. Trump is not perfect, by any means, and is not “libertarian” no matter how one … Continue reading

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Culture wars are really wars against liberty

By Nathan Barton This year, more than ever, Halloween has been a warm-up exercise for the annual “War against Christmas” and the usual scrubbing of truth in history for Thanksgiving.  We usually identify these as part of the culture wars … Continue reading

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Suppression and Elimination: our brave new world

Libertarian Commentary #16-14D, by Nathan Barton With the “victory over religious dogma” and “homophobia” and “hatred” in the Supreme Court, those few months ago, in which laws in most states, and many centuries of common law, as well as definitions … Continue reading

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Are the Chickens of Social Progressivism Coming Home to Roost?

By Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D. The Michigan Democratic primary was a close race which Secretary Hillary Clinton unexpectedly lost and Senator Bernie Sanders surprisingly won. The pundit analyses of this unanticipated reversal relied almost exclusively on economic explanations.  It looked … Continue reading

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